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Self Care After Lockdown

With the world unlocking once again and the good weather on the way, it’s likely that those around you will be wanting to make up for lost time and your schedule could start running on overtime.

Suddenly, as a society we’ve gone from being on a total lockdown and longing for social and human connection for a substantial amount of time, to life opening up without restrictions.

We’re now finding ourselves in a position where we not only need to unlearn all those new rules we had in place to protect us and our loved ones, but we need to learn to socialise once again and balance our new work/home life balance. It can all be a bit overwhelming and pretty exhausting and it’s no surprise many of us are forgetting to put ourselves and our needs at the centre.

It’s so important to have a good self-care routine to help manage with the changes and stresses you’ll be facing every day. And remember, self-care doesn’t have to mean giving yourself grand spa days. It’s actually about the little things you can do each day.

It’s ok to say no

You cannot always do it all. It’s important to set your boundaries and not take on too much. If you already have a busy week, don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ to seeing your friend that week. Don’t feel pressured by anyone that something needs to be done right then. Arrange a time that suits you better. Not only will this mean you don’t have a crammed week, but by moving it to a time that works better for you, you’ll be able to be more present in that moment – a win for everyone.

Get Moving

We all know that exercise is important for our mental and physical health, but it can also be difficult to find the time to spend an hour at the gym when you have work and family to juggle. However, with more people working from home at a desk all day, the importance of making a conscious decision to get up and move has never been more paramount. In the days when we went to a physical workplace, you’d probably find you were walking from the car park to the office and perhaps around the town or area at lunch. Now, many of us walk to the kitchen to make our lunch and bring it right back to the desk to eat while working through. Why not walk the kids to school, or take a stroll at lunch time to clear your head. Make sure you’re stretching too – your body will be spending long hours in positions it’s not made to do!


A daily meditation practice can go a long way to helping you tackle the sources of stress and anxiety in your life.

When you meditate, your mind can enter a very deep state of relaxation. This can take some time to achieve, and you will really need to commit to your practice to reach this state. However, once this has been achieved, your mind will begin to experience the vast benefits. Being able to naturally expel and tackle stress and anxiety as it presents throughout the day is among the most exciting of these benefits.

When you spend some time each day meditating, then you can make better sense of all of your thoughts. You will be able to unpack all of the encounters and interactions you have had during a day, and to understand that there are solutions and resolutions to all of your problems.

Treat Yourself

Allowing yourself to enjoy the things that you love is a simple way to reward yourself for the hard work that you have engaged in each day. This doesn’t have to be a big gesture, or even something that you have to spend any money on. A treat to yourself could be a long bath, a delicious dessert with dinner, some time spent alone listening to your favourite music, painting or colouring, or anything else that makes you feel good.

Treating yourself in larger but less frequent ways can also help with encouraging yourself to keep up the good work, and to remind yourself that even when you have got a lot of work to do, that it isn’t all non-stop work all of the time!


Taking care of others is important, and making time for the ones we love helps to build strong, positive and lasting relationships. But encourage yourself to show the same love and care that you give to others to yourself. Make self-care a priority so you can live a long, happy, healthy life.

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