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Healthy Diet Happy Mind Whole Self Yoga

Healthy Diet, Happy Mind

If you are someone who struggles with their happiness or mental health, then there are likely several different factors at play as to why this is. You may be aware of the reason or reasons, or you may find it difficult to pinpoint exactly why happiness is evading you. The idea of looking to your diet when you are trying to tackle this concept is an increasingly popular one, and is something we are going to do together now!

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Being Your Best Self As A Yoga Teacher

Being Your Best Self as a Yoga Teacher

As you all surely know by now, self-care is one of my all-time favourite things to talk about! Absolutely everyone can embrace this concept, and we all stand to benefit from it. Although engaging in regular acts of self-care is something that I encourage everyone to do, there are some people who I believe should absolutely make it an everyday necessity!

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