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Using Mindfulness for Happiness

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Research has shown that people who are happy are physically, emotionally and mentally healthier. And more successful! However, these genuinely happy people have to work at it. They weren’t born feeling happy all of the time. Their happiness isn’t something that they caught or picked up from their success, their fame, friends or money. It comes from within and is something that is accessible to everyone.


Mindfulness is based upon certain mental techniques, the origins of which are in ancient Buddhist teachings. However, there certainly don’t have to be any religious connotations attached to it.

Mindfulness can help you to better process your thoughts and feelings and also to retain more control over your emotions.

The following are mindfulness-based concepts and actions that you can embrace to help you become a happier person.

Express gratitude

Practising gratitude in a mindful way will help you to stay present. Taking the time to express gratitude and take stock of all the good things that you have in your life is a great way to reconnect to the present moment – and this is the essence of mindfulness. When you acknowledge all the reasons why you should be happy, you will naturally become more thankful for these things. Expressing gratitude can be done in small spontaneous ways, such as stopping to really appreciate something in the present moment; or it can also be done in larger ways, such as sharing feelings of gratitude with someone who is a positive presence in your life.

Break negative cycles

Mindfulness can help to put a stop to negative thoughts in the moment that you are experiencing them. When you begin along an unhelpful train of thought, your mind is going to perpetuate this unhappy state of mind, and this can quickly become detrimental to your life in several ways. But you can create a mindset that is more concerned with the positive by choosing to disengage from negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones or by physically doing something else in that moment to distract yourself.

Create contentment

The technology that is all around us these days makes it easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we need to be constantly stimulated in order to be happy. In addition, many of us have also become prone to seeking the approval of others. However, we often have no control over this and it can leave us feeling that we are lacking something. Mindfulness teaches you to embrace a new type of happiness that is not dependent in any way on external factors or circumstances. This happiness will take root from an inner sense of well-being – being happy with where you are right now – and from placing an emphasis on strong values and morals.

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Connect with others

As people, we are naturally inclined to be sociable beings and will often crave this kind of interaction when it is lacking. Mindfulness is a beautiful way to deepen our relationships with others, as well as to better enable us to form new bonds with like-minded people.


Remember, we all have at our core a happiness muscle just waiting to be worked and strengthened.

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