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Yoga, Nutrition and Happiness online courses with Julie Montagu

Yoga, Nutrition
and Happiness

Online Courses

I’ve seen how yoga, living well and eating well can transform your life AND your business. I want to share all my practical tips, tools and advice with you so you can live life to the fullest – both personally and professionally!

* Receive a Whole Self Yoga Certificate after the completion of each online course

Fundamentals of Yoga Philosophy

So you love yoga? But don’t want to teach? Then this course is for you.

Learn the fundamental concepts of yoga from a philosophical point of view.

In this course we will explore the ancient yoga philosophy and how we can apply it in our own practice.

What you will learn:

Why yoga is different
Yoga texts, lineages, branches and styles
The 8 limbed path
Pranayama practices

Some of the concepts you will uncover:

Bandhas, mudras and meditation
Yoga practices
Prana, Nadis and Chakras
Ayurveda and the doshas

This course approaches each idea from an Eastern perspective and how to apply it in a Western lifestyle.

How to Build your Wellbeing Brand

Everything you need to know to build your wellbeing brand both online and offline.

Wellbeing is exploding everywhere! Do you want to create a career doing something that you love in wellbeing. Then it’s time to learn how to build your wellbeing brand.

On this course, you’ll learn the exact strategies you need to build your dream wellbeing business both offline AND online.

You’ll learn step-by-step strategies to help you:

Create your message and brand
Get your message out there
Use social media to build your dream community

Perhaps you’re just starting out, or maybe you’ve been at this for a while but you’re not where you want to be. Wherever you’re at in your wellbeing journey, I know you’ll find something useful in this course.

The more you nurture and grow your wellbeing business, the more you build your reputation and profile as a leader and expert. And that’s important! Why? These things could all lead to exciting opportunities such as:

product endorsements
book deals – to name just a few
Plant-Based Nutrition for Optimal Health

Everything you need to know to kickstart a healthy you.

Proper nutrition is essential if you want to look and feel your best.

Yet so many of us do not appreciate how much diet influences both our physical and mental health.

Discover which foods are best for nourishing your body and your mind. This online course is a fantastic step on a new life-long wellness journey.

Get the knowledge you need to revolutionize your eating habits:

Learn about the production, cultivation and history of a wide variety of nutritious, healthy foods.
Discover how these nutritious foods can play a vital role in keeping your body healthy.
Understand how best to select, prepare and store healthy foods.
Learn a variety of exciting ways to include these healthy, nutritious foods in your diet.
A Practical Guide to Happiness

Learn the tools to let go, love yourself and become a happier person

The concepts of learning to let go, self-love and happiness often take a back seat in our lives. However, these things are essential components to our health, happiness, well-being and quality of life.

Julie introduces you to a variety of techniques to:

Let go of the past
Stay in the present
Embrace the future
Love yourself
Become a happier person

In this online course, gain the knowledge you need to become a healthier and happier person.

Become better equipped to deal with past negativity
Process your feelings in the present moment
Be inspired to love and care for yourself as you truly should
Allow happiness to shine through you in abundance

Talk to us

We recognize that choosing an online course can be difficult. Please reach out to us if you need guidance, have any questions or are unsure where to start. We are here to help you in any way we can. xx Julie

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