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Terms and Conditions

200 Hour Teacher Training


I am aware that the participation in the physical activity of yoga may result in accident or injury, and I assume the risk and responsibility with the participation in this yoga teacher training programme. I release Julie Montagu, Whole Self Yoga and staff from any and all claims of injury and damages caused by my doing the following: use of the premises and its surrounding, performance of any asana and any use of equipment for any purpose. I confirm my complete release of all liability for all the Whole Self Yoga designated teachers including fellow students present in the room or online.

I hereby state that I am in good physical and mental health. I understand the intensity of the physical participation I have committed to.

I confirm that I have no existing physical and mental conditions that would either prevent me from performing or disrupt the delivery of the course. I confirm that I have or will advise the teachers upon application, of any pre-existing conditions that may affect my performance. Any medication that I am taking or have previously taken for such conditions will also be made clear to the course leader upon application.

I fully understand that only once I fulfil all the requirements of the Teacher Training Course will I receive a Certification of Completion. However, my enrolment and paid tuition does not automatically entitle me to a completion certificate, and there is no refund in the event that I fail the exam.

I understand that if I miss studio sessions, online sessions, videos, homework, reading or modules of the training for any reason I am responsible for making up the material missed. Additional sessions may be provided and scheduled with course leaders/guest teachers in their sole discretion. Additional sessions are not included within the course fee and will incur an additional cost.

I understand that Whole Self Yoga and staff reserve the right to cancel my enrolment at any time during the course for any inappropriate or unethical behaviour which may violate cooperative guidelines or conduct to teachers or fellow students. I agree to cooperate fully with the course directions, instructions and requirements in all cases. I understand that if my behaviour does not support the collective learning environment, I will be asked to leave the course.

Julie Montagu / Whole Self Yoga may take photographs or video recording of training sessions or classes, including Zoom sessions. I agree to give my full permission to Julie Montagu / Whole Self to use these photos or videos for the purpose of online learning, training, advertising or marketing.

Once enrolled, I agree that all fees are non-refundable (even in the event of failure to pass the course) and I may not transfer to another programme except at the discretion of Julie Montagu.

In the event that Julie Montagu is unable to deliver any of the sessions as scheduled then these will be rescheduled to another time.  In the event that sessions cannot be delivered live or in a studio for whatever reason then Julie Montagu shall be able to substitute such sessions with either live or recorded material.

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