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About Whole Self Yoga

Whole Self Yoga is a revolutionary approach to strengthening your body, your mind, and your life.


Energizing yoga
Robust nutrition
Positive, uplifting mindset

to help create your fullest life.

About Julie Montagu

Whole Self Yoga is a practical approach to yoga, nutrition, and self-care. It is grounded in theory but has been adapted to the needs of modern life.

I have over a decade of teaching and refining this practice. I’ve focused on developing an experience that works as a framework that will help support the self-care needs of your full life.

It was created for every person to not just care for their body or their mind, but their Whole Self.

The Whole Self Yoga Experience

All aspects of the Whole Self experience were designed with your success in mind.

physical accomplishments
mental clarity
excitement for the future

Through this experience, you’ll open up possibilities, not just for yoga, but for your whole life.

Become the driver of the change you want, using the Whole Self tools and method.

Through dynamic sequences and classes, you feel energized by what is physically possible.

Through a focus on nutrition education, you gain a deeper understanding of how to support your health.

Through mindset work, you begin to see what is possible and how you can get there.

The Whole Self framework leaves you equipped to make the most of your life, on and off the mat.

The WHole Self Yoga Philosophy


Rather than focusing on what you shouldn’t eat, Whole Self focuses on what you should eat. By incorporating more plant-based meals and studying into the Ayurvedic way of eating, you will support the physical work you do through yoga.


The Whole Self Yoga sequences are inspired by Vinyasa flow. They were created to be an energizing and inspiring flow that can be tailored based on students’ level. These sequences provide an active, full body experience. They strengthen the body through stretching, breathing, lengthening, and opening.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Amplify positive benefits to your health by incorporating regular mindfulness and meditation techniques.


The changes that you create through Whole Self Yoga will permeate into a new and exciting lifestyle. Gain a renewed sense of energy, focusing on your unique strengths, goals, and passions. We focus on designing a lifestyle that feels authentic to you.

About Julie Montagu

Meet Julie Montagu

Julie Montagu is a wellness entrepreneur, yoga instructor, author, and television personality dedicated to empowering individuals to lead healthier, more balanced lives. Born and raised in Illinois, USA, Julie’s journey towards holistic wellness began after moving to London, UK. Julie is married with four children, and divides her time between London and Dorset, where she works with her husband Luke managing and developing Mapperton Estate.

As a certified yoga instructor, Julie is passionate about the transformative power of yoga and mindfulness practices. Her approach to teaching emphasises not only physical health but also mental clarity and emotional well-being. Through her popular yoga classes, workshops, and retreats, Julie has inspired countless individuals to embrace wellness as a lifestyle.

In addition to her work in yoga, Julie is a prolific author, having penned several bestselling books on nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness. Her writing blends personal anecdotes with practical advice, making wellness accessible to readers of all backgrounds. Titles such as “Eat Real Food” and “Superfoods: The Flexible Approach to Eating More Superfoods” have garnered critical acclaim for their practicality and effectiveness.

Julie’s commitment to promoting wellness extends beyond the yoga studio and the written page. She is the creator and host of the American Viscountess YouTube channel, where she shares insights into British aristocratic life, etiquette, and history. Through engaging videos, Julie offers viewers a glimpse into the world of the British aristocracy, combining her American perspective with her experiences living in the UK.

In addition to her YouTube channel, Julie is a freelance royal commentator, lending her expertise to major media outlets during significant royal events. Her insightful commentary has been featured in coverage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, the state funeral for Queen Elizabeth II, and the coronation of King Charles III. Julie’s keen understanding of royal traditions and her engaging delivery make her a sought-after commentator for royal events.

Julie Montagu’s mission is simple: to empower individuals to prioritise self-care, cultivate resilience, and live their best lives. Through her work as a yoga instructor, author, entrepreneur, and royal commentator, she continues to inspire others to embrace holistic wellness and find balance in an increasingly hectic world.

Julie is married with four children, and divides her time between London and Dorset, where she works with her husband Luke managing and developing Mapperton Estate.

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