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Whole Self 200 hour teacher training

now online!

Are you ready to create your future?

My 200 hour teacher training will now be delivered 100% online! The programme combines live classes with me alongside on-demand videos and sessions with expert guest teachers all delivered flexibly over six weeks. And all approved and certified by Yoga Alliance.

Who is this for?

Whole Self teacher training is for aspiring yoga instructors as well as anyone who wants to deepen their personal practice.  This programme is led by Julie Montagu and has been created for those who are looking to develop their physical and mental practice, as well as improve their own wellbeing through the practice of yoga, nutrition, mindfulness and self-care.


Dates: September 1st – October 16th 2020

Course fee: $3,195 (USD) or £2,500 (GBP)

(the course fee can be paid in four equal instalments)

What's included

The online 200 hour teacher training will be delivered through a mix of live Zoom sessions, on-demand videos, practice assignments as well as readings – all accessible through the Teachable platform.  The course is designed to fit around your schedule, meaning that you can complete the modules when and where you please.

There will be guest experts in anatomy, eastern philosophy, mindfulness, meditation and sequencing.  And through movement, nutrition and practical inspiration you will discover what you are capable of achieving.

The topics covered include:

Postures (asana)

Intention (sankalpa)

Breath work (pranayama)

History and Philosophy of yoga

Structuring a class

The art of verbal adjustments

Authentic voice

Theming a class

Sequencing a class


Self-care in yoga and every day


Setting life goals

Building your passion

Creating purpose

Topic Details

An intention can be as simple as a word that represents a value which you’d like to incorporate into your life. The idea is that it becomes a statement you can call upon to remind you of your true nature and guide your choices. You don’t have to limit a sankalpa to just yoga, it can and should be applied to all areas of your life.

Pranayama are breathing exercises which clear the physical and emotional obstacles in our body to free the breath and release the flow of prana – life energy – within the body. Through the regular and sustained practice of pranayama, you can supercharge your whole body! The way that we move, think, act and especially breathe contributes to the flow and vitality of prana – the universal energy that runs through us and everything around us.

Some of the earliest yoga text are traced back to the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras, all combining ideas and knowledge of yoga. These texts are where Yoga began. Included are the eight limbs of yoga – a process for reaching clarity or enlightenment. These eight limbs are meant to be completed gradually – not as individual steps or procedures but instead like the intricate weaving of threads.

Whole Self follows a simple flow and progression. The exact postures may vary in every class, but should build on one another, moving from simple to complex: Centering/Breathing, Active Practicing/Focusing, Deeper Stretching and Relaxing/Meditating. Each of these will be covered in detail, putting the most emphasis on the asana section.

Yours is the only truth that you can genuinely, authentically speak for you – not trying to be the voice for anyone else or pretending to be the voice of someone else.

You will learn to theme your classes. For example, you may choose to teach a class focused on hip-openers. To do so means paying attention to the logical progression of postures and how they are related to the hips.

There are seven major energy centres in the body that control the flow of energy and this energy flows and extend into an energetic field that surrounds the body. Learning about each centre and what physical and emotion correlation it represents can help you work through different areas of your life and give you another tool for teaching your students.

When we nourish ourselves and start to incorporate even the smallest moments of self-care we tap into an energy within us that has always been there, even when we are depleted. This energy is different to the energy that powers us through the day. It allows us to slow down, to listen to our gut instincts and to ourselves.

The connection between our love of food and our consumption is the driver of many of today's health problems. Building an understanding of nutrition and an understanding of the Ayurvedic way of eating can help improve your relationship with food.

As the Whole Self method was created to help you live a full, healthy, and inspired life both within and outside of the yoga studio we use our training time to help you clarify your goals and nurture your passion for life.

The daily practices are dedicated to challenging students and strengthening your foundation. Students will learn to deepen their practice, their breath in and out of the poses and find their balance between strength and flexibility. This will be supported by a Posture (asana) library manual which details all of the postures included in the Whole Self training.

Course details

My online teacher training has proven to be just as rewarding, effective and enjoyable as the studio experience.

Over six weeks, you will complete 200 hours of highly engaging online learning through the following activities:

7x live two-hour Zoom classes with Julie (also recorded)

8x live two-hour expert guest Zoom classes (also recorded)

23x on-demand video lessons covering all the core topics

23x on-demand sequencing and posture video tutorials

24 hours of live practice teaching with a partner

Homework and quizzes

8x reading assignments (from assigned books)

50x yoga classes (to be logged in your Practice Journal), including free access to all my online classes during the programme

Private WhatsApp group for student community

Physical pack to be sent with five teacher training manuals and other goodies!

Online written exam at the end

Live Zoom practical exam at the end

One-to-one live Zoom feedback with Julie at the end

Our two-hour live Zoom classes will be held on Saturdays and are best attended live so you can interact, ask questions and connect with fellow students.  However they will also be recorded in case you miss a session.  These are currently scheduled for 16:00-18:00 UK time / 11:00-13:00 EST (though this may vary).

All the other work can be done in your own time to fit with your schedule.

The reading list includes:

  • Light on Yoga: by B.K.S. Iyengar
  • Trail Guide to the Body: Andrew Biel (optional but highly recommended)
  • Shift Happens – Robert Holden
  • Yamas & Niyamas: Deborah Adele
  • Creating on Purpose: Anodea Judith
  • The Healing Power of the Breath: Richard P. Brown
  • Ayruveda For Modern Life: Emine Rushto
  • Daring Greatly: Brene Brown

Frequently asked questions

To qualify as a teacher you are required to participate fully in the course, complete all written coursework and pass the written and practical exam.

This Online 200-Hour Whole Self Yoga course is Yoga Alliance certified which will enable you to teach anywhere in the world.

All live Zoom sessions are recorded and can be viewed later if you are unable to attend a session. All other activities can be done in your own time.

Our advice would be to wait after the birth of your baby.

You can begin teaching upon completion of the course.

Depending on the nature of your injury, you may want to contact us during the application process to assess whether your injury will impact your participation.

Please apply using the button below which will take you to an online form.

Julie Montagu is the Lead Teacher and oversees the whole programme. She is joined by guest expert teachers for some of the sessions.

There are eight required books available on Amazon.

Transfer to another course is not allowed except in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of Julie Montagu.

We recommend that you have had a consistent yoga practice of at least one year and are comfortable practicing in the Vinyasa Flow style.

For full terms please follow this link

If you have any other questions please contact

Teacher Training Team

Julie Montagu - lead teacher of Whole Self Yoga

Julie Montagu
Lead Teacher

Named as one of London’s top yoga and nutrition teachers, Julie is the founder and lead trainer of the Whole Self 200-Hour Teacher Training. Julie will be teaching a comprehensive curriculum which is not only grounded in the traditional teachings of yoga, but will also emphasize how to use these principles as tools to navigate modern life. As the lead trainer on the course, Julie will guide students through a range of topics including eastern/western philosophy, meditation, sequencing, nutrition and wellness.

Vicky Fox - anatomy at Whole Self Yoga teacher training

Vicky Fox

Since qualifying in 2008 Vicky Fox has studied with world renowned teachers such as Rod Stryker, Doug Keller, Julie Gudmestad and Sally Kempton. She is registered with the yoga alliance as a Senior Yoga Teacher and teaches alignment based classes at Triyoga, The Power Yoga Company and The Life Centre. Vicky teaches the Anatomy in Asana section so that you can apply your anatomy knowledge to your yoga teaching. Understanding what the limitations are, how alignment can create a safe practice but also addressing injuries and how to adapt so that your classes are accessible to all.

Cathy-Mae Karelse - mindfulness and meditation at Whole Self yoga teacher training

Cathy-Mae Karelse
Mindfulness & Meditation

Both a Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher Trainer, Cathy-Mae is also an Ayurvedic Practitioner keen to acknowledge the roots and traditions from which these great teachings derive. Coming from South Africa, Cath is passionate about social justice and how we navigate the divided worlds of yoga and mindfulness in which ‘traditional’ communities of practice and marginalised groups are often ignored and overlooked. As a simple yet very powerful practice of nourishing our hearts and minds, mindfulness serves as a foundation for living life more fully. Through the study of mindfulness, Cath will take students on a journey that is anchored in cultivating kindness.

Angela Pham

Angela Pham
Busines Coach & Mentor

Since becoming a qualified yoga teacher in 2017, Angela realised that there was a lack of support for new yoga teachers post YTT.  She found that the most challenging part of turning a passion like yoga into a career is knowing how to start and being aware of what to expect on the journey.  As a mentor and business coach for Whole Self, she serves the soon to be yoga teachers and prepares them for life post YTT.  She works with the students on ways to hustle, the business side of yoga, leveraging tech tools to build their brand and ways to maintain self care as a new yoga teacher.

Our guest teachers have included:

Mona Lisa Godfrey, Niraj Shah, Nicki Ratcliffe, Jonelle Lewis and Emily Mergaert.

Online Course Testimonials

Julie is a role model and one of the best yoga teacher in London. She has deep understanding of asanas as well as all the other aspects of yoga from pranayama to yoga philosophy and ethics, great fun too! We all love Julie, hands down!


Julie is an inspirational teacher and has made a huge impact on my life and my future. I will be forever grateful and thankful to her.


Fantastic and complete course, run faultlessly and enthusiastically by the inspiring Julie Montagu.


Brilliant energy, open and safe environment where you are given the skills, knowledge and tools to become not only a teacher but also to gain a better sense of self and how you want to navigate your life.


Studio Course Video Testimonials

Studio Course Testimonials

“Incredible yoga teacher training course that encompasses so much more than just yoga! I want to do it all over again! The past 6 months truly has had a lasting impact on me and the way I live my life.”

Kate Worthington

When I rang Julie my father had just passed away and I wanted to do something different, unique and beyond my comfort zone to deepen my own yoga practice. I was very excited to join the yoga teacher training in 2019 as a special gift for me. I have done so much learning, training and studying but this was so very different – the variety of teachers, my fellow students and of course Julie’s energy, passion and expertise were truly phenomenal. I went on the training never intending to teach maybe integrate in my wellbeing and mental health work but I am now beyond excited to share it with the universe. A truly life changing experience. Thank you and deep gratitude to Julie, the team and of course the graduates of 2019.


“It is hard to put into words just how incredible this course has been. Not only has it given me the knowledge, skills and confidence to go out and teach, but also a new sense of self, life long friends and the inspiration I needed after many years trapped in cycles of burnout. Julie’s expertise and mentorship is invaluable, and the quality of guest teachers really sets this course apart! I can’t recommend it highly enough. Thank you!”


“Julie Montagu's teacher training is world class with a thoughtful combination of her own boundless energy, top quality guest teachers, comprehensive manuals and Julie's WHOLE heart running through the framework of every lesson.

The course content is interesting and thorough with a respectful blend of eastern philosophy and western yoga culture. I did not know what to expect on signing up but I have been challenged physically, emotionally and intellectually with countless moments of tears and pure joy. I've grown exponentially as a person and most notably, the people that this course attracts are exceptional like-minded individuals, which says a lot for its creator.

I did not know it was possible to love yoga more than I already did, but after these 6 months, I just do!”

Much love, Loren

The WholeSelf 200HR TT is one of the best things I have ever done. It is more than just learning the foundations of yoga and becoming a teacher. You learn so much about yourself, the person you want to be and are given the tools to help you become that person. It truly is a course about your whole self. You can see from day one the time, effort, energy and love that Julie has put into curating this course because it is so much more than just yoga teacher training. For anyone thinking about taking the leap, do it! You won’t regret it and if you are anything like me, you will wish that it never has to end.


“Proud graduate of Julie’s 200hr Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher training 2019. Yes, this training 100% prepares you with the skills, knowledge and tools needed to become a great teacher.

“But it’s way more than that, Julie and her wonder team of guest teachers deliver wisdom and courage enabling self reflection, processing and evolution. Evoking talents, tears, laughter and vulnerabilities to allow for growth in safe space filled with masses of good vibes, light and love!”


Are you ready to create your future?

Please join my online teacher training programme for the next stage of your yoga journey!

Julie xx

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