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Are you Considering Becoming a Yoga Teacher?


Have you ever experienced ‘the fear’ when considering starting something new? Or thought ‘there’s no point, I’m too old for that’, or ‘it’s too hard’, or ‘I don’t have time’?⁠⠀
Too often we make excuses rather than starting something new, we have a fear of failing. But what if we do fail? What if the knowledge that we tried something as best we could is enough? And what if we actually succeed?⁠⠀
The new experiences, learning new skills, meeting new people, avenues and doorways that are opened by trying something new means that even if we do try something and we fail, that is okay. And if we succeed, what a bonus!⁠⠀
The experience is the JOURNEY, not the destination, so set a new goal and dream a new dream. And relish the experience of trying to achieve your goal.⁠⠀

200-hour Teacher Training: October 1st 2022 – February 25th 2023

⁠If you have big dreams of becoming a yoga teacher, then there’s no reason that this isn’t something you can pursue right NOW. ⁠⠀
Teaching yoga is such an incredible way to turn a passion into a job. It allows you to combine your love of doing yoga with the pleasure of imparting this wisdom to other people!⁠⠀

⁠We often come up with excuses as to why we can’t do something now, full schedules, travel, cost, but in the current climate and the advanced technological world we live in – these are moot.⁠

I have transitioned my teacher training school to be taught 100% online, and I’m excited to announce that the next course will run this year from October 1st 2022 – February 25th 2023

Taking this step might seem like a scary one right now, but learning online could actually turn out to be the very best way for you to qualify — let me tell you why!



Completing a yoga teacher training course can be expensive. This can involve paying for travel costs, booking accommodation nearby, and also to eat out.
When you are studying online, You will sleep in your own bed each night and cook at home as normal — and you won’t have to travel anywhere at all!


You will not have to travel to and from the venue each day of the course, and as soon as you’re done for the day you will be able to give your time to other things.


When you learn online, then of course your teachers will want to give you the same incredible experience, but there is likely to be more opportunity for flexibility.


You may have your eye on an amazing course in another continent, but be unable to travel there due to constraints on time and money.

When you choose to study your course online, then these barriers are lifted, and you can transport yourself to anywhere in the world!


If you have felt as though the last few years have put a major dent in your life plans, then starting the new year with something positive could really help get you back on track.

So, if you know that learning online is going to be the best option for you, find out more now!


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