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4 Things You Need to Know Before Yoga Teacher Training

Thinking of becoming a yoga teacher? Or perhaps you’re already a teacher, but looking to improve your offering? Whether you want to be a full-time yoga teacher or you’re a yogi wanting to share your passion with the world, there are a few things that will help you to prepare for training.

Set you expectations

It’s important to understand that Yoga Teacher Training is just the first step of your journey. As an instructor, I will aid you with the knowledge helping you to develop your physical and mental practice, and help to prepare you for your journey, but you won’t be leaving my course with a class full of students. If you are new to teaching yoga then you might be surprised at just how competitive the job market is. This will of course depend on where you are teaching and the studios that you are trying to land a gig at.

For those who are looking to teach in the best studios, it will be essential that you stand out and put the work in to market yourself to potential students.

When you work as a yoga teacher, you will have to take charge of building your brand, growing your business, and attracting students to your classes. Setting up the right expectations before joining yoga training will help you stay centred and focused on your practice and development.

What Style of Yoga do you want to Teach?

As I’ve just mentioned above, yoga can be a competitive market. But that does mean there’s so many options when it comes to where you learn and who you learn with as well as the type of yoga you may want to teach. And thanks to technology, you can find the perfect fit and style for you and learn at your own pace online.

Before committing to any course, it’s always worth doing your homework and making sure it’s the right course for you. Perhaps that even means taking a few yoga sessions with your top 3 instructors before signing up just to make sure their style and teaching methods, as well as the style of yoga, works for you.

Also remember, that very often it’s important to start from beginning. Don’t get lost in wanting to be able to teach at the same level as an instructor who has been doing it for 15 years. Your yoga practice can and will develop and grow as you deepen your understanding and establish yourself along your journey.

Prepare Physically and Mentally

In many yoga training courses, not only will it be physically demanding on your body as you will be spending much of your day getting into poses and pushing your body, but you’ll also be learning a lot about yoga philosophy, anatomy and teaching methodology which is going to require quite a bit of brain power.

If you’re not already doing so, practice yoga daily. Practicing your asanas will prepare you for the physical demands of a full day of yoga, it will also teach you where you need to add modifications according to your own needs.

Check your Diet

Yoga teacher training is an intense time for you and your body. Ensuring you’re eating right and providing your body with a nutrient dense diet will help leave you feeling energised and ready to tackle the day.

It may be that you even consider looking at a plant-based diet. Going plant-based is an incredible way to take control of your diet and you might quickly start to notice that you have more energy throughout each day. Moving, breathing, meditating and eating a whole foods diet has ramped up my energy levels, my moods, and my happiness!


If you’re considering becoming a yoga teacher, it’s essential to prepare for the yoga instructor training program adequately. In your path to becoming a yoga instructor, you’ll come into contact with yogis of all walks of life. Also, your body is going to be tested to the limit, and all these experiences can be life-altering so prepare to be transformed.

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