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Top Tips For Plant-Based Eating

Top Tips Plant Based Eating

Transitioning towards a more ethical and eco-conscious way of living is something that many of us are aspiring to. There is mounting evidence to support the idea that embracing a plant-based diet can help to reduce our impact on the planet, and also cause less harm in other ways.

Today I’m sharing my top tips for succeeding at plant-based eating and how you and the planet can benefit from this!

Know Your Why

If you don’t have a solid idea of why you want to make this change then it can be easy to lose track of your focus.

It can be helpful if you make a physical list of the reasons that you want to become a plant-based person and then revisit this list often. You may find that your reasons evolve and change over time, and this can be an enlightening process that further fuels your decision to stick at it!

Seek Knowledge

You may find that you already know a lot about what plant-based living can do for your body and for the planet, and that’s fantastic – but there is always some benefit in topping up this knowledge. Doing so can help you to remind yourself of your reasons and encourage you to make similar changes in other areas of your life.

If you are someone who has a lot of passion for plant-based eating, but not a lot of the facts, then doing your research can really help to keep you on the right track, and also better equip you to share knowledge with others.

Plant Based Eating Nutrition Julie Montagu

There are countless resources on this type of diet that you can check out in the form of books, documentaries, podcasts, blog posts and more! So try to find the time to seek some new knowledge every so often and always to share yours with others when they are seeking it too.

Trying to learn too much at once can become overwhelming, especially if the content that you are reading or viewing is difficult to take in. Take it slowly and give yourself an ample amount of time to process each new piece of information.

It is also important that you are able to receive this new knowledge with an open mind. You might think that you already know a lot about your food and where it comes from, and it can be difficult to accept that things that you thought were facts aren’t necessarily true.

Learning is a life long process and you can never know everything! So accept the gift of new information and enjoy this process.

Take it Easy

Some people respond really well to immediately dropping all animal products from their diet at once, whereas other people need more time to adjust well. If you know that you are going to need more time to ease into this process, then go easy on yourself and always go at your own pace.

Removing one thing from your diet at a time might be the best way to go for you, and if that’s the case then that’s a totally valid way to embark upon a plant-based life. As you eliminate some things, you can simultaneously add other things in, and in doing so ensure that your diet remains abundant with all that you need!

Prioritise Your Health

There are likely many different reasons that you are leaning towards a plant-based way of life, and it’s great to have so many contributing factors. However, being aware of just how fantastic this way of eating can be for your own health can go a long way to keeping you on the right track.

Plant Based Living Julie Montagu

Considering your own health will also help to make sure you make the best choices within your new diet. It is always going to be possible to make unhealthy choices, regardless of which diet you are following. Therefore being aware of how these choices impact your health is always a good idea.

Ditch The Diet

Plant-based eating is more of a lifestyle than it is a diet, and adjusting to this way of thinking will help you to make sustainable changes to the way that you eat.

Following a diet can seem like a chore, and the word itself has serious connotations of depriving yourself of the things that you love. So try to envision plant-based eating as a brand new way of life. You will soon see just how abundant your kitchen becomes and how creative your mealtimes are!

You will also soon discover that if you eat a varied and balanced plant-based diet, that your need to count calories will become much less important. So many plant-based foods are low in fat and low in calories, whilst also bursting with nutrients. This means you can enjoy more of what you love without worrying about your waist line.

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Reach Out

One of the very best things about following a plant-based way of eating is that there is a huge community of people living life in the same way! These are largely people who want to see other people thrive from their new eating habits, and are always happy to share their stories, their successes, and their advice.

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The internet is a fantastic place to discover this community and there will definitely be some great places for you to find the support that you need.

Emotional Eating

If you are trying to improve your diet then it can be helpful to learn more about your eating habits. Emotional eating is something that many people have a hard time with. This is essentially when we eat as an emotional response to something – both positive and negative!

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