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Prioritising Plant-Based Foods

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We all know that there is much to be gained health-wise from including more fruits and vegetables in our diets. You do not have to always be eating the latest superfoods in order to stay healthy, and there is an abundance of goodness to be found in common fruits and vegetables.

If you know how great these plant-based foods can be but struggle to include them in your diet, then the following tips can help you overcome this problem.

Learn to Love Salad

Salad is something that you may more commonly enjoy as a side dish than a main meal, and adjusting your thinking on this is encouraged!

There are many amazingly filling and super healthy salad recipes that you can enjoy regularly as a main meal. Doing so will go a long way to ensuring that you eat more greens, as well as all the other exciting fruit and vegetables that you can easily include in a salad.

Fresh Fruit for Breakfast

The majority of breakfast dishes can be very well complimented by the addition of one piece or more of fresh fruit. Try adding berries to your cereal, avocado to your toast or cherry tomatoes to your eggs.

Fruit Breakfast Healthy Eating

Whatever your go-to breakfast dish is, the chances are you will enjoy it even more once it is accompanied with some plant-based goodness!

Say Yes to Healthy Snacks

Snacking on junk food late at night is where many dieters find their downfall to be. Making the decision to only snack on fruit after dinner, instead of trying to avoid snacking entirely, is a great way to satisfy your cravings whilst also nourishing your body.

Frozen bananas are a particularly good choice for those with a sweet tooth, and they can be enjoyed with a light topping for extra flavour, such as peanut butter or maple syrup.

Mix Up Your Smoothies

Smoothies are a simple and delicious way to consume several portions of fruit and vegetables at one time. If you primarily make your smoothies with fruit then the time has come to throw some vegetables into the mix. Try carrots, beets and fennel to get started!

Emotional Eating

If you are trying to improve your diet then it can be helpful to learn more about your eating habits. Emotional eating is something that many people have a hard time with. This is essentially when we eat as an emotional response to something – both positive and negative!

Emotional eating can hinder your healthy eating efforts, but it is possible to tackle this issue! Click here to join my weekly Get Inspired newsletter AND you’ll automatically receive my Emotional Eating advice!

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  1. Great advice! My wife and I have been eating vegan this year and eating larger salads and sticking with fruit as our sweet snack had been a huge help!

  2. Ok I ordered all of your books last week. The book – Recharge – just arrived and just in time! I really need to recharge.

  3. Ok I ordered all of your books last week. The book – Recharge – just arrived and just in time! I really need to recharge. I am have also started journaling as of 10-1-20. On The Daily Cup FB page, the Admin. has put the challenge out there to journal from Oct. 1-31, 2020. Can’t wait to read your book. The cookbooks are not arriving until mid October!

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