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Fresh Out of Teacher Training? 5 Ways to Get Teaching Now

If you are in the very exciting position of having just finished your yoga teacher training, then you might now be looking around for your very first teaching opportunity. As we have discussed before on Whole Self Yoga, there are some great ways to stand out as a yoga teacher and to gain exposure for your brand. If you would like to read more about this then you can check out my article on How to Gain Exposure as a New Yoga Teacher!

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7 Ways Yoga Helps Your Body, Mind, And Spirit

7 Ways Yoga Helps Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

For many people, the physical aspect of yoga is what first draws them to the mat. They are looking for an alternative way to get fit, and understand that the benefits of yoga will help them to build upon their existing strength and flexibility.

Once a person has taken the first step and taken to the mat for a lesson, then they will likely very quickly understand the mental health benefits in addition to the physical challenge.

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New Yoga Teacher? Here's My Toolbox Whole Self Yoga

New Yoga Teacher? Here’s My Toolbox!

As I talk about frequently within this blog, being a new yoga teacher can be an incredibly daunting experience. Your time spent in teacher training may have felt like an absolute dream as you soaked up new knowledge and shared a beautiful learning experience. Moving from this phase to now trying to secure teaching gigs and building your reputation may not be the smoothest of transitions, and there’s nothing wrong with needing some help!

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