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How to Thrive as a Yoga Teacher!

How to Thrive as a Yoga Teacher

As you surely already know if you read my blog regularly, making the decision to become a yoga teacher is one of the best choices I have ever made! Hands down – no regrets!

This is a career that has enabled me to do what I love each and every day and share this love with others! Although being a yoga teacher can be a wonderful and personally fulfilling experience, it can initially sometimes seem like a struggle to get established and to keep your classes packed out!

Teaching in the yoga world is generally considered to be a competitive industry, and how true this is will depend on where you want to teach.

Here are my top tips for ensuring that you thrive as a yoga teacher!

Be Your Authentic Self

This may seem like an obvious point to many of you – and if so then that’s great! But do stop and think about how often you are tempted to portray yourself in a different way to your real personality. You may likely find that this is often the case when you have spent too much time comparing yourself to others!

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Social media has become an essential tool for promoting yourself and your yoga business, and that also means that your insight into your competition is just a few clicks away. It can be so easy to get lost in an endless stream of other people’s content, and this can leave you feeling as though you don’t quite match up!

The way that you express yourself online and in all of your marketing materials should truly represent who you are in real life! Any students who come to your classes will naturally get to know you and if they came in the first place because they felt connected to the impression of you that they got online, then they will expect the reality to match up.

Your authenticity as a yoga teacher should also be aligned with the studio at which you teach. This should be a place that celebrates who you are as a person and as a yoga teacher. If you do not have the freedom to be yourself and to teach in the way that feels best for you, then perhaps it is time to seek a new opportunity.

One of the best things about teaching yoga is the community that you will build – and it’s not possible to do this in a genuine way if you aren’t being authentic yourself!

Maintain Your Practice

One of the most important pieces of advice that I believe every yoga teacher should follow is to always have a teacher and mentor to guide them through their own practice.

Having a teacher not only helps to ensure that you are progressing with your own practice, but also helps to keep you grounded and expanding upon your own potential.

Yoga Practice Teacher Success Julie Montagu

It can be tempting to let your own practice fall to the wayside as you become more concerned with teaching others, but the more you continue to practice yoga, the more you will be reminded of why you fell in love with it in the first place!

Your yoga teacher will be someone who inspires you, who knows your ability, and who will push you to develop and grow – both as a student of yoga and as a yoga teacher. And the same is true of your mentor – whether this is also your yoga teacher or a separate person.

Your yoga mentor will help you to stay connected for your reasons for teaching yoga, and can help you push through the difficulties and overcome any obstacles!

Revisit Old Texts

As your career as a yoga teacher evolves, so to will your understanding of the very core principles of yoga itself.

Your understanding of the original yogic texts, and the materials that you studied during your yoga teacher training, will certainly develop over time as you become more connected to the spirituality of the practice.

As you teach your students, you will also inevitably be learning from them. It is these lessons that will truly help you to build upon your knowledge and experience, and this is so invaluable as you continue on your journey.

So make the time to revisit your old texts and to find fresh meaning within the lines of each. You may surprise yourself at just how much more you resonate with each piece of wisdom every time you come across it!

Seek Clarity

When you stay connected to your reasons for teaching yoga, and are always aware of why you started practicing in the first place, then your vision for moving forwards will remain clear!

Yoga Teacher Success Tips

It is important that you always seek this clarity so that you can continue to be your own inspiration and truly thrive as a yoga teacher!

If you start to find that you are losing track of your vision and that it is difficult to reconnect to your ambitions, then don’t be shy to ask the universe for what you want. Make a list of all of the things that you wish to achieve and visualise these successes in your mind. You can then create a clear and concise plan for moving forwards – fuelled with a fresh enthusiasm for your practice and your teaching!

Be Confident

It is important to strike the right balance when it comes to confidence, and this balance must be found without sacrificing your own authenticity!

If you are someone who finds it easy to let their ego get the better of them, then this is something you will have to learn to manage when you are at the front of your own class. It is of course a huge achievement to be leading your own students, and you should of course be proud of your progress and appear confident in front of your students. However, it is important that you don’t let your ego lead the way!

Be confident in yourself and your own abilities as a leader, but always be sure to check in with your students and ensure you are teaching in a way that is relatable, friendly, and not overly complicated!

If you are lacking in self-confidence, then know that this is something that you have to learn for yourself and work to hold onto. It will not appear overnight and you should never try to force it for you run the risk of appearing disingenuous.

Get Inspired

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