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marketing yoga teacher classes

Six Marketing Tips for Serious Yoga Teachers

If you are new to teaching yoga then you might be surprised at just how competitive the job market is. This will of course depend on where you are teaching and the studios that you are trying to land a gig at.

For those who are looking to teach in the best studios, it will be essential that you stand out and put the work in to market yourself to potential students.

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Four Online Courses For A New Challenge

Expanding our knowledge and challenging our minds are two things that we can absolutely all benefit from. Embarking upon a new path of learning — and enhancing our current skill set along the way — is a fantastic way to keep the mind sharp and to maintain a sense of focus and clarity in life.

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Julie Montagu Whole Self Yoga

Fresh Out of Teacher Training? 5 Ways to Get Teaching Now

If you are in the very exciting position of having just finished your yoga teacher training, then you might now be looking around for your very first teaching opportunity. As we have discussed before on Whole Self Yoga, there are some great ways to stand out as a yoga teacher and to gain exposure for your brand. If you would like to read more about this then you can check out my article on How to Gain Exposure as a New Yoga Teacher!

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