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How To Kickstart Your Yoga Business As A Newly Qualified Teacher


Reaching the end of your yoga teacher training course is such an exciting milestone!

During the course, you will have spent a large chunk of time immersed in your self-practice, making new friends, and learning all about the ancient history. Although you may not want this time to end, the next step in your yoga journey is going to be just as exciting, if not more so!

Once you are qualified as a yoga teacher then you can set about launching your very own yoga business. This can take many different forms, and you have so much freedom to be creative with how you now want to proceed.

Imagine Your Dream Yoga Business

In order to build the yoga business of your dreams, you have to first know what it is you want to achieve.

If you haven’t already imagined what success looks like to you, then take some time to consider this. How do you want to present yourself to potential students, and what will you be offering to these people?

Can you imagine what your business is going to look like in a years time? How about five years in the future?

When you are just starting out as a yoga teacher, it is of course sensible to focus on the practical things and the urgent tasks. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun planning for the future. In fact, looking ahead to where you want to be can be great motivation for giving it your all right now.

Yoga Teaching Experience

Often as new yoga teachers, the first step is to get some real life teaching experience. This is so that you can begin building your reputation and finding new students. One of the biggest hurdles facing new yoga teachers is that they don’t have enough teaching experience to secure their first job, but this is something you can overcome soon enough.


So how do you go about getting this experience in order to land your first studio job? Well first of all you can launch free lessons to effectively swap your time and knowledge for that all-important teaching experience. If you are nervous to get started with this, then it can be helpful to initially invite friends and family along to your classes. These people can give you the support and the confidence boost that you may need as you get going.

You can then work up to holding classes in local parks, or at low-cost indoor venues. This helps you to continue building your resume and also your reputation.

Once you have some real world experience under your belt, then you will find it much easier to confidently sell yourself to a yoga studio.

Start A Yoga Group

One of the best ways to find a teaching opportunity is to create one yourself! If you have just qualified as a yoga teacher then you will already know several other teachers who are in exactly the same position as you.

teaching-group-yoga-studentsWhy not invite these people to come together and continue to learn from and teach each other. You will likely find that although you were on the same course, each person experienced the training in their own way, and perhaps mastered something that you struggled with. Similarly, there may have been areas that you excelled in that your peers found a bit harder. Coming together to bolster everybody’s knowledge and skills is an amazing way to support each other moving forwards.

During these sessions you can each take it in turns to lead the group. This means that everyone is getting much needed teaching experience, and also that everyone is continuing to focus on their own self-practice.

Dream Big But Start Small

You may have big ideas about launching a successful yoga business, and perhaps this means you sometimes get caught up in the excitement of these dreams.

This could cause you to feel a little lost with so much to do, but it is important to remember this is a process. As each opportunity presents itself, try to always understand how it will benefit you and your business, and how it could propel you forwards.

Sometimes you will be presented with opportunities that aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, and you may be tempted to turn them down. However, if you keep turning down opportunities that come to you because you believe that they aren’t perfect, then these opportunities will likely soon dry up!

Getting your foot in the door as a yoga teacher should be regarded as the most important of your priorities during this part of your journey. And, once you have done this, then you can start to be more selective with what you give your time and energy to.

Keep Learning

Continuing your education is another effective thing that you can do to ensure you feel inspired to continue building your business!


My Mandala and Mentoring Training is designed to help yoga teachers move forwards with their yoga knowledge, self-practice, and brand development.

Click here to check it out and register your interest for the next course, which will take place entirely online in June next year.

This is a great chance to reconnect with the principles of yoga, and to learn some new skills – I hope to see you there!

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