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How Yoga Can Boost Confidence & Self-Esteem


There are simply so many reasons why your confidence and self-esteem may be low. And, if this is something you are experiencing in a serious way for the first time this year, then you are absolutely not alone!

2020 has presented so many new and unexpected challenges for literally everyone all around the world. The ongoing impact that this may have on wellbeing and mental health could be huge. In tough times like these, it is extra important to be kind to yourself, and to find ways to support your own health and happiness.

Today I want to share why I believe yoga can be just the thing to support you in the process of rebuilding your confidence and boosting your self-esteem.

Understanding Patience

Learning to be patient with one another is something that you might have had to learn in a whole new way this year. With the pandemic leading to complex lockdown restrictions across the globe, many of us have found new ways to live, as well as to work or study. And, this has generally meant spending most of our time at home.

Although for some this may have initially been a pleasant change of pace, it has also meant a lot of people are spending much more time living in close proximity to other people.

Existing in harmony with those that you live with can sometimes be challenging, and that can be for a whole host of reasons. Being able to take a step back from any conflicts, and to understand where they are truly coming from, is key to being able to find peaceful resolutions.

Why Is Yoga Great For Teaching Patience?

When we practice yoga, we all have to start from the very beginning. We may not be as flexible as we aspire to be, or have the strength or the stamina to take each session as far as we’d like. This is something that will develop over time, and there is simply no way to rush it.


As you persist with your consistency in learning yoga, you will naturally find that your skills and your approach to the poses progresses. Your body will adapt to the wonderful physical challenges of the practice, and you will also experience how your mind adapts too.

Having patience with your body when it comes to yoga is something that starts in the mind and then extends out into your physical being. Your body will know how far it can go, and when to listen to its limitations.

This is a powerful lesson that will then naturally impact how you approach other areas of your life. When we are able to extend this new lesson of patience into our yoga practice, then we will also be able to practice it with other people. And, what’s more, this is also something that you will feel better equipped to practice with yourself.

This is a concept that then helps you to build upon your own confidence and self-esteem, as you start to be more forgiving with yourself.

Building Confidence

When you are new to yoga, you will likely find that the mat can be quite intimidating. If you are learning yoga in a group setting then it can be very easy to compare yourself to the other students, and also even to your teacher. This is something that will lessen over time as you realise that yours is the only practice that you have to give your attention to.


When you begin to focus solely on your own practice, and give yourself to it in a consistent way, then your confidence for yoga can begin to blossom. You will also find that your confidence in your physical abilities on the whole will improve.

You will start to appreciate your body for all it can do for you, and this can be an incredibly empowering experience. As you begin to notice your capabilities enhance, then you will also slowly but surely feel your confidence and self-esteem grow too!

Boosting Self-Esteem

As you continue to practice yoga regularly, your self-esteem is going to get a natural boost. This is something that often goes hand in hand with the satisfaction of learning something new. It also comes from being able to see the progress that you are making. This is something that is easy to witness when it comes to yoga because you can physically see and feel the improvement in how well you hold and move between the poses.

Once you open yourself up to the challenge of learning yoga, you will embark upon a process of learning about yourself. This is something that will continue for as long as you engage with your yoga practice, and there’s no limits to how much you might discover!


This journey of self-discovery of course isn’t something that is going to be complete overnight, but you can soon set in motion the beginnings of an exciting new adventure.

Getting Started With Yoga

If you’re ready to take back control over your confidence and self-esteem, then getting started with a yoga practice is a great place to begin.

This is something you can do at home with minimal equipment. In fact, all you truly need to get going is some comfy clothes and a yoga mat.

I would love to invite you along to my live yoga sessions, which take place a couple of times every week. You can also check out Whole Self on Patreon for on-demand lessons and additional healthy living videos!

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