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Staying Energised & Focused As A New Yoga Teacher

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As a new yoga teacher, you will soon discover that this is a job that requires passion and enthusiasm in abundance!

Having already been a student of yoga, you will already know what the qualities of your favourite teachers are. These are likely people who always seem to be bursting with energy and hold a firm knowledge of this ancient practice.

When you first start teaching your very own yoga students, then you will of course be full of the energy that you have come to expect of your own teachers. However, you may find that this is something that dips over time. You may sometimes find it difficult to connect to your practice, and may even experience varying degrees of burnout.

This is all totally normal, and doesn’t necessarily mean that you aren’t still enjoying your role as a yoga teacher. It is important in absolutely any job to find ways to stay motivated and inspired, and being a yoga teacher is no exception.

As someone who has been teaching yoga for over a decade now, I have gone through so many ups and downs. Today I am going to share my top tips for staying energised as a new yoga teacher, and discuss how to reignite your passion for your practice!

Make Time For Your Own Practice

Prioritising your own practice is one of the very best ways to keep your love of yoga alive, and your energy up.

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When you made the decision to become a teacher, you were also committing to being a lifelong student. And this is something that you have to actively give your time and attention to. I am a firm believer that continuing to develop as a student is one of the very best ways to stay focused as a teacher.

You might feel as though it’s natural to give less attention to your own practice as you give more time to teaching other people. And, it’s normal that you simply don’t have the time or energy to do so during your day. If this is the case, then you have to treat yourself like one of your students, and advise yourself as you would them.

Even just a ten minute flow to start your day can help to bring the importance of self-practice to the forefront of your mind. This can serve as a daily reminder of you why you fell in love with yoga in the first instance.

Have A Serious Self-Care Plan

We all talk about self-care, but how many of us are actually making a serious effort when it comes to looking after ourselves?

It’s simple — if you are not giving yourself the care, kindness, and attention that you deserve, then your mood can rapidly drop. When this happens, your energy levels, both physical and mental, can be hard to maintain.

When you make the decision to truly prioritise your own self-care, then you will set out on a journey to invite all kinds of positivity into your life.

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You may find that you gain a greater clarity over your intentions and your vision for teaching yoga. This clarity can also extend to other areas of your life.

The self-care acts that help you to stay feeling your best will of course be unique to you, but there are several common ways to embrace this idea. This is something I explored last week in my article on Making Positive Changes For The Year Ahead.

Do What You Love

Regularly doing the things that you love is an important component for living a happy life. If you neglect your hobbies and your passions, then you will also be missing out on giving yourself this joy.

Regardless of how much of your time you are dedicating to teaching yoga and building your yoga business, it is also essential that you take the time to nurture your other passions.

You might be someone who takes pleasure in exercising often, or you may be totally the opposite and take joy in relaxing and doing gentle activities.


Find the things that make you feel good and ensure you make time for them each week. This will better equip you to feel satisfied with your life on the whole, and keep your perspective positive.

Refresh Your Knowledge

As a yoga teacher, it can sometimes be easy to get caught up in the hustle of building your business. This can leave you feeling disconnected to the reasons that you set out in the first place.

Making the extra effort to renew your existing knowledge, and to learn new things, can help to reignite your passion. This in turn can re-energise you when it comes to teaching, and will also ensure you are able to pass on your wisdom to your students.

There are a number of different ways in which you can do this. You may find it helpful to attend additional in-person trainings after your initial teacher training course. You can also find a number of fantastic online courses to further your knowledge.

My Mandala Vinyasa and Teacher Mentoring Training is one such option, and will inspire you to make your classes more exciting for your students!

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