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LIVE Yoga with Julie

To celebrate my YouTube channel hitting 4,000 subscribers, I've recorded a FREE and LIVE 30 minute Beginner’s Yoga Flow on Tuesday 19th May. You can watch it again here.

Watch again on YouTube

I'm taking this week off teaching as I'm heading to Florence, Italy to finally put my 50 hours of lockdown Italian lessons to use!

I'll be back LIVE next Sunday 9th August.

Ciao! Ci Vediamo!

xx Julie

How it works

Join my ‘LIVE Yoga with Julie' online class and community here.
Community doesn't mean just being in the same room together.

Breath, Yoga and Meditation. 1 hour.

It's easy. You don't need to download anything. Once you've paid, you just click a link and you've arrived with me, on the mat.

If you can't make it live, you'll still get the class. Let's choose to create a sense of togetherness and peace together, even while we are apart.

If you’d like music too while we flow – I’ll be sending you my curated playlist before the start of classes.

Julie xx
Yoga with Julie LIVE

These classes are fantastic. You can feel Julie’s energy through the screen and her verbal and visual clues are so clear that it’s just as good as being in the same room with her. Bonus – the link to the class works for 3 days so you can take the class later in the day if the live time doesn’t work for your schedule, or even repeat it again the next day.

Shannon O'Connell

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