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5 Ways To Create Your Authentic Yoga Brand

Whole Self Yoga - Julie Montagu - Yoga Marketing

Over the weekend I watched in awe as 28 students graduated from my Whole Self 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training! I am so proud of them and I know they are all going to do well in their future endeavours.

Having the privilege to watch my own students graduate prompted me to reflect on my own experience and especially my very first days of becoming a yoga teacher! A lot of this time was spent dreaming up different yoga marketing ideas, as well as all of the other practical tasks that go hand in hand with building a yoga brand.

Whole Self Yoga - Building a Brand - Julie Montagu

I remember being so excited and ready to begin teaching yoga once I was qualified, but I also remember how daunting it was to think about building a brand new business. I’d lay awake and think:

“Will there be room for me?”
“How will I stand out?”
“How will students find (and fall in love with) my classes?”

My passion for yoga helped me to push through any doubts and frustrations, and to build a yoga brand that I’m incredibly proud of. One that’s both authentic to who I am and one that attracts the students who really connect with my message and my style of teaching.

Building my brand took time, hard work, and a LOT of trial and error. Coming up with different yoga marketing ideas to grow my brand was also a lot of fun, and I was amazed to discover all of the different ideas that other people had!

Although I have learnt many lessons along the way whilst building my yoga business, there are five things that I’m certain really helped me to boost my brand, my business, and my impact – and I’m going to share them with YOU now!

Know Your Message

First of all, it is super important to know what your message is! My message is all about positivity and taking care of your Whole Self: physically and mentally.

I know that my message needs to be inspiring and motivating and that’s what people think of me. I try to focus on this as much as possible, whether it’s in my classes or on social media.

When it comes to the classroom, I try to instil my message by being nothing but supportive and encouraging of those who come to share time with and learn from me. I make it clear to everyone that I’m always available to offer that extra bit of support when it’s needed. Additionally, when it comes to social media, I try to always spread positivity and inspiration through my posts, photos, and messages.

Bring Your Personality

My personality is endlessly optimistic and energetic, and I bring that into every class that I teach, every social media post that I make, and every blog post or article that I write. When you are building your yoga brand, it is essential that you bring in your personality so that people get to know you.

You want your students, and the people who follow you on social media, to know you and what you are truly about. Being YOU is what makes you different from all of the other yoga teachers out there!

Julie Montagu - Yoga Marketing - Building a Brand

It is important to remember that bringing in your personality is different from over-sharing your personal life. You can choose how much or how little to share about your personal life – don’t feel as though you must reveal these details in order for people to get to know you.

Layer In Your Other Passions

Layer in your other passions that are relevant to yoga, such as nutrition, life-coaching, or meditation. Doing so brings a new dimension to your practice, as well as your brand. People who are interested in the same things will naturally be drawn to you over other yoga teachers.

Most of us are drawn to connected aspects of wellness, not just yoga. These passions don’t need to live separate from your yoga practice. You can use them to help create a brand that attracts students and also one that encourages these students to stay with you!

For example, I’m passionate about nutrition and self-care and these are two things that I talk about constantly. I therefore incorporate these things into my yoga teachings, as well as sharing them as standalone concepts, such as through my blog.

Whatever your other passions are, use them to create a dynamic brand that your students will love and tell all of their friends about!

Don’t Get Distracted

With Instagram and other forms of social media, it can be so easy to become distracted by what others are doing. You’ll see someone post an inspiring message that gets a lot of likes and you’ll be tempted to post a similar type of message. If it works for them, it can work for you, right?

Paying attention to what others are doing and all of the social media “noise” out there won’t help – and in fact will likely hurt – your brand.

The things that other yoga teachers are doing to market their business shouldn’t be any of your concern! So don’t worry about how large of an audience someone else has or what posts seem to get them a lot of ‘likes’. Stay focused on yourself and your own message.

I’m fortunate to have started my yoga business before Instagram was around. And, I believe this helped me to stay focused on what I was doing and the retain the value in the brand I created.

Keep A Local Focus

With the endless reach of social media it’s SO easy to want to grow a huge audience and do everything online. But when you’re growing and marketing your yoga brand it is essential that you look to your local community.

It might be fun to get a hundred likes on a Facebook post from people around the world, but the people within your local community are the people that will be showing up to your classes! They will also be the ones giving you feedback and spreading the word to their friends and family about how great you are!

Yoga Marketing Ideas Julie Montagu

One of the final pieces of information that I can share is that you should strive to continuously learn and improve your own practice. You can do this in many ways, such as learning about deeper concepts connected to yoga practice.

Do you want to know more about building your brand as a yoga instructor and how to brainstorm your own amazing yoga marketing ideas?

This September I’m holding a Mandala and Mentoring YACEP Course. During this 30 hour training we are going to focus on everything you need to know to build and grow your yoga business – so join me there!

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