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Four Online Courses For A New Challenge

Four Online Courses For A New Challenge

Expanding our knowledge and challenging our minds are two things that we can absolutely all benefit from. Embarking upon a new path of learning — and enhancing our current skill set along the way — is a fantastic way to keep the mind sharp and to maintain a sense of focus and clarity in life.

If you have a very clear idea about the things that you wish to learn then that's great! But sometimes we simply have the urge to try something new, and can therefore be open to learning about all different kinds of things.

Today I want to talk about the four online courses that I have created and hopefully inspire you to give one or more a go!

How To Build Your Wellbeing Brand

This course is designed for those people who either have the seed of an idea for a wellbeing business, or have already started to launch one. You may also have been running your business for a while, but are in need of some help and guidance!

With this course I guide you through the process of creating a successful wellbeing brand and developing it in a manageable way.

It is true that the more you put into your business, the more you will get out of it. Learning the different ways to grow your brand and build your reputation are key to your success. And these are concepts that I explain in detail in this course!

When you are building any kind of business these days, you will need to pay attention to both your online and offline activities. There is much to be done on both sides, and with this course I explain the different necessities and how you can best approach them.

Click here to learn more about How To Build Your Wellbeing Brand!

Build Your Yoga Brand

This course is designed exclusively for yoga teachers who are looking to enhance their yoga business.

Although your yoga teacher training will have prepared you for the world of teaching yoga, it may not have left you feeling totally ready to build an incredible yoga business. That's why I've put this course together — to share everything that I have experienced and learned throughout my many years of teaching yoga.

By sharing my mistakes, my successes, my tips, and my advice, I hope to equip you to be the very best teacher that you can be, as well as helping you to build the very best business!

Click here to learn more about how to Build Your Yoga Brand!

A Practical Guide To Happiness

This course is one that I believe everyone can benefit from!

Stress Hormones Peaceful Julie Montagu

With my Practical Guide To Happiness, I guide you through the process of learning how to let go, love yourself and become a happier person for life.

We can all be guilty of pushing our own self-care to the back of our minds as we prioritise all of the things that we have to get done every day. However, when we live like this we are neglecting ourselves and letting our hectic schedules get the better of us.

It is possible to claim your time and energy back, and also to fully process and move on from negative experiences in your past to embrace your own happiness.

Click here to check out my Practical Guide To Happiness!

Plant-Based Nutrition For Optimal Health

Similarly to my Practical Guide To Happiness, this is a course that we can all take something positive from.

The topic of nutrition — and especially plant-based nutrition — is one that can so often get confused. There is such a massive amount of information on this topic, and so many varying opinions from different experts.

It can be easy to overlook the fact that the food we eat can power our physical and mental health, and nourish both body and mind.

With this course I aim to debunk some of the common misconceptions surrounding plant-based nutrition, and guide you to enjoying a healthier and more delicious diet!

plant based nutrition julie montagu

To help give you a more rounded understanding of your diet, I have also included information on the production and cultivation of certain healthy foods, and explained the best ways to store and prepare them!

Click to get started with Plant-Based Nutrition For Optimal Health!

Lifelong Learning

You may have heard me say before that one of the very best things about being a yoga teacher is that you are also naturally a lifelong student of yoga! Committing to always learning new things and making a conscious effort to expand your knowledge is such a wonderful way to keep yourself motivated and inspired by life.

You don't have to be a yoga teacher to embrace this idea, and there are so many different ways that you can commit to the lifelong learning process.

Create time for yourself to learn new skills and to seek out new experiences. Allow yourself this time and truly understand the importance of it.

lifelong learning writing

Try not to place too much importance on the outcome of these new experiences — if you find that something simply isn't for you then that's totally fine. The value is in giving something new a try and not being put off by your own inner critic — or by negativity from others!

Get Inspired!

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