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Living With Authenticity & Intention

The struggle to live an authentic life might not be one that is immediately recognisable to you. It can be difficult to know what this true authenticity actually looks like if you have never really stopped to think about it — but there is so much to be gained from taking this time and working through this process.

Today I want to talk about how we can all take steps to living as our authentic selves and with greater intention!

Living As Our Authentic Selves

Often we look to other people to figure out what what we should be doing with our own lives, how we should be behaving, and how we should treat ourselves. Although this can sometimes feel like guidance — and therefore support — this can actually further keep us from living as our authentic selves.

Often we see the things that other people are doing, or the things that other people have, and we believe that these things could make us happy too. However, we have to remember that these lives are not our lives, and we have to seek the things that will genuinely bring us happiness.

What About Intention?

What does it mean to live with intention? This can mean different things to different people, but at the very core it means to live your life in a way that is truly serving you.

living with intention

Setting intentions for your life can manifest in a number of ways. It can be setting small daily intentions that you work to embrace with each day. It can also be through much bigger intentions that dictate much larger parts of your life.

That’s not to say that the bigger intentions are more meaningful or more important, but that they might shape more of your life than the smaller, daily actions.

Self-Doubt Will Hold You Back

Doubting ourselves is so easy to do. And that’s just a simple fact of life. But it’s what we do with this doubt and how we turn it to our advantage that’s important.

Listen to the voice of your inner critic but do not let it take hold. Hear what it is telling you but do not let these thoughts become a part of your reality. It is okay to take guidance from the self-doubt, but it is important to understand that these thoughts do not represent who we really are.

This natural fear of not knowing ourselves can hold us back from all kinds of situations and experiences that could be of great benefit to us. Doubting ourselves can stop us from putting ourselves out there and seeking out the things that can bring happiness and greater meaning into our lives.

Listening To Silence

If you are someone who feels as though they are often living in chaos, then you are absolutely not alone. Sometimes we can thrive upon this chaos — the endless tasks, the noise of life, the need to get from one thing to the next — but does this really need to be the case?

living authenticity intention happiness

Perhaps you are someone who is guilty of creating distractions for themselves so that there isn’t a chance for the mind to be quiet. But what is it about this silence that you are really afraid of?

Stepping away from the chaos, and away from the distractions, can force us to really listen to the silence — and therefore to listen to ourselves. If the thought of this silence scares you, then it is even more important to embrace this concept and to attempt to move through it!

Exploring Authenticity

Do you know who you are and what your purpose and passions are? Do you start every day knowing where you are in your life at this moment and where you are going? Do you know what it is that is going to bring you small moments of happiness in the day that is about to unfold?

If you don’t know these things about yourself yet then that’s of course okay! But if you do, then that’s a sure sign that you’re well on your way to living your authentic life, and that you understand how your intentions are driving you forwards.

If you’re not quite there yet, then take some time to think about what you are afraid of and the things that you would like to manifest into your reality. Really try to assess if these are the things you want for your own life, or if these are things that you think that you should want or be working towards. If it’s the latter, then consider where these pressures come from, and why they have affected you in this way.

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Setting Genuine Intentions

How do you feel at the end of each day? Are you grateful for all that has happened or are you just grateful that the day is finally over? Can you say to yourself that you have been honest and kind and patient during that day, or are you scolding yourself instead for not behaving in the way you would really like?

kindness patience love

There are so many valid reasons why our honesty, kindness, and patience may evade us, and it’s important to be forgiving towards yourself when this happens to you.

Instead of giving yourself a hard time, try to understand why you have acted in this way, and set a stronger intention the following day to simply try again.

Let all of your intentions come from a place of self-love, and never from a place of self-doubt. This is a process of finding your own happiness, and never one of putting yourself down!

Ask yourself the tough questions and truly be prepared to hear the answers. Because it is only when we challenge ourselves that we can really learn, grow, and become our authentic selves!

Adopt Positive Thinking Habits

Adopting positive thinking can be a complicated thing to get started with — especially if you feel as though you have a lot of negativity to contend with. However, taking small steps towards doing so can be great for your happiness as well as your overall sense of balance in life.

This can further fuel your efforts to live with authenticity and intention!

When you begin to feel this way, then you will notice that you naturally become much better at keeping stress and anxiety at bay, and living a life with a stronger appreciation for the good things.

In order to help you build upon this concept I would like to share with you my top ten tried and tested tips for keeping stress and anxiety away!

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