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How To Keep Your Morning Yoga Practice On Track

how to make time morning yoga

I am a firm believer that it takes 28 days to create a habit! That means 28 days of consistently doing the thing that you are trying to make a regular part of your life. When it comes to your health, wellness and self-care, this is something that is certainly always well worth doing!

Your yoga practice is one such habit that you can definitely get into the swing of over a 28 day period, and this is something I would like to talk about today!

Getting Started With Yoga

If you are someone who currently does no yoga at all, then getting started will of course be the first step!

If you have decided that the morning is going to be when you fit yoga into your day then that’s fantastic. It will set your mind and body up for the day ahead, and help to push any negativity from the previous day out of your mind.

If you are reading this then it is likely to have already made the choice to get started with yoga, so let’s begin!

Making Time For Morning Yoga

The biggest decision you have to make about your morning yoga practice is arguably when exactly you are going to do it. Having an actual schedule and being sure to commit to taking this time is going to be key to succeeding as you move forwards.

At first it is totally understandable if you find it hard to get out of bed and sacrifice that extra chunk of time that you could still be using for sleeping! However, I am certain that as you start to feel the benefits of your new morning yoga practice, that you will become eager to get out of your bed and onto the mat.

Yoga And Sleep

A regular yoga practice is known to help reduce stress and promote a better sleep cycle. This means that as your morning yoga practice progresses, your body and mind will be better equipped to have a peaceful night’s sleep. There are obviously always going to be factors beyond your control when it comes to how well you sleep, but you will surely notice that you become more relaxed.

morning yoga practice

Depression, anxiety, energy levels, and physical tension are all things that yoga has the potential to help you with — and these are all things that can contribute to a good night’s sleep at the end of the day!

The Challenges Of Morning Yoga

As I said, not wanting to get out of bed will likely be the biggest challenge that you face initially. Then, as you try to stick to your new routine at the beginning, this could be an additional struggle. It can be so easy to convince ourselves that we don’t need to do something, and if you are not immediately enjoying your morning yoga then you may experience this.

Reminding yourself of your goals and of your intentions — of your very reasons for wanting to do this — will be a great motivator to help you push through these feelings. As you are in bed preparing to get up and get started, talk to yourself about the things that you wish to achieve, and the things that you know yoga will help you push through and accomplish. These could be body goals, mental health goals, stress relieving goals — literally any of the advantages to having a regular yoga practice!

As you continue to stick to your routine, try to tell yourself every day about the positive things you are experiencing. Allow yourself to explore how your body and mind is changing, and express gratitude often for the meaningful progressions you are making!

Make Space

Having the same physical space to practice yoga in every morning can help you to visualise getting to the mat. When your body and mind know where they are going once you have left the bed, then it will become easier to motivate yourself to do so.

This physical space can become your place of calm and serenity — it can become the place you look forward to being in — and this can then encourage you to stick to your new schedule.

This space does not have to be a big area. It just needs to be a piece of your home that is all yours for the duration of your yoga practice. A place where you will not be disturbed or distracted, and where you can feel safe and supported by yourself.

making space for morning yoga

You can prepare this space the night before if you find that helpful. Lay your mat down, and place your clothes on top of it. If you are someone who uses bolsters or any other kind of prop then you can get these ready too. Basically, the less preparation you have to think about in the morning the better!

Start Slow

When it comes to any kind of yoga practice, there is absolutely nothing to be gained from rushing in. You need to let your body warm up to the new positions you are putting it in, and to build the strength and flexibility to enjoy these movements.

Trying to master a more complicated pose before you are truly ready can lead to disappointment, frustration, and even injury! So be aware of your capabilities and build upon them slowly.

This is even more important in the morning when your body could still be stiff from the night before. You need to gently shake away any stiffness and tension, and invite your body into a new day, full of physical and emotional challenges and experiences.

Enjoy This Time

This may be easier said than done if you have had a late night coupled with an early start, but this should be a pleasant time for you.

First Year as a Yoga Teacher Julie Monatgu

If it does become unpleasant consistently, then try to evaluate why this is, and what you can do to mix things up and get on track.

Live A Stress Free Life

What an amazing life that would be!

Although it may not be possible to live an entirely stress free life, morning yoga can help you feel better equipped to handle stress when it does present.

Embracing a morning yoga practice can be a tricky thing to get started with — especially if you have a busy schedule and currently have low energy levels. However, adding this incredible practice into your life can really help to kick stress to the curb, alongside anxiety and all kinds of other negative emotions.

In order to help you build upon this concept I would like to share with you my top ten tried and tested tips for keeping stress and anxiety away!

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