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Online Yoga Community Whole Self JM

Building an Online Yoga Community

One of the most amazing things about teaching yoga is that you get to create your very own community of students. The people who come along to your classes, your workshops, and your other events, can become their own community. And it is the power of this community that can truly lift you up as a yoga teacher, as well as empowering each of your students in different ways!

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Overcoming Negativity to Embrace Happiness Whole Self Yoga

Overcoming Negativity to Embrace Happiness

Happiness can sometimes feel like an elusive concept that is simply out of reach. It can be easy to look around and see everyone else enjoying happiness, and this may leave you feeling left out and lacking in this all important human experience. Even if it feels out of reach for you right now, the truth is that we can all have happiness, and we can all consciously work to invite it into our lives!

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