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Building an Online Yoga Community

Online Yoga Community Whole Self JM

One of the most amazing things about teaching yoga is that you get to create your very own community of students. The people who come along to your classes, your workshops, and your other events, can become their own community. And it is the power of this community that can truly lift you up as a yoga teacher, as well as empowering each of your students in different ways!

In addition to the community that you can build out in the real world, it is also possible to build an exciting online community. There are no limits for how many people you may reach in doing so, and people all around the world can discover and connect with you!

Talking About Community

When like-minded people come together to support and encourage each other, then a community is born. Sometimes this is spontaneous, however, sometimes this is driven by someone or something. In this case, it is you!

You are the driving force behind your online yoga community, and you can also shape how this community looks and evolves. But how can you get started creating this community, and how can you make sure that it is beneficial to all who give their time and energy to it?

Social Media and Content

Setting up your social media profiles should be one of the very first steps to creating your online community. A Facebook page or group, an Instagram profile, and a Twitter account are a great combo to get you started.

An easy to navigate, simple website is also a must-have if you are creating an online community, and a newsletter is also a fantastic way to stay connected to your followers.

When you are creating content for your website, social media profiles,  and your newsletter, don’t be shy to ask your community exactly what it is they want! Oftentimes people will have questions that they would love for you to answer or to discuss, or things that they are simply curious to know more about.

By giving your followers what they want, you can truly demonstrate that you have their best interests at the heart of everything that you do!

Understand Analytics

Building a successful online community becomes much easier when you take advantage of the tools that are available to you. It isn’t always possible to know exactly what your followers enjoy, but it is possible to get some interesting insights from the analytics of your posts.

By pulling your data together and comparing it, you will be able to see which posts got the best engagement levels, and which platforms are the best for your brand. You can then know for sure what kind of content your followers would like to see more of and create it accordingly.

Dream Yoga Community

If you notice that a post has particularly high engagement levels then always consider doing a follow up post to add more value to the original one.

For example, if the popular post was a link to a blog post on your website, then you may consider writing another article that elaborates on the first one, and goes more in-depth about the topic.

Support System

The power of yoga is such that it compels students to want to learn more, experience more, and to discover more. This is where a supportive community can make all the difference.

Helping people to build friendships and develop bonds, both inside and outside of your classes, helps them to build a support system, and a network of people who will encourage and empower them on their yoga journey.

When you are in the real world, then helping your students to strengthen their connection to each other is something you can do with practical activities and open communication. And this is something that also carries over into your online yoga community.

By starting discussions online, setting up groups, and finding creative ways to get your followers to talk to each other, you can kick-start conversations, and therefore new friendships, within your community.

Stay Ahead

In order to be an engaging leader for your community, you will need to strive to be the best teacher you can be. And in order to do that, you will find that you need to commit to always being a student yourself!

Being Your Best Self as a Yoga Teacher

Keeping up with your own yoga practice, and regularly getting along to new workshops and training sessions, will enable you to speak with authority on a wide range of topics. You will also be able to talk about this continued commitment to your professional development to your online network!

Read more about Being Your Best Self as a Yoga Teacher!

Networking with Teachers

One of the great benefits to building a dream online yoga community, is that you create opportunities for yourself to network with other yoga teachers. These teachers will easily be able to find your content and learn all about you – as well as being able to easily get in touch through your website and social channels.

Meeting other like-minded teachers who you may then go onto collaborate with – both online and offline – can enhance your brand and your reputation. This can open you up to countless new audiences and encourage more people to check out and potentially join your online community.

Motivate Your Audience

If people are continuing to look at and engage with the content you are sharing in your online community, then it’s because they truly value the things that you have to say! They are likely looking for exactly the kind of motivation and inspiration that you are all about – and that’s fantastic.

The key to being successful as you persist in building your community, is to be consistent with your message, and to always motivate your students and followers with the same enthusiasm.

Online Yoga Community

Make sure that your message and your voice are always consistent, and that your brand image is always presented in a similar tone. Don’t try to conquer too much too soon, and be sure to always be clear, coherent, and concise in all that you do!

Get Inspired

As you are building a yoga business and your dream online community, there are going to be so many things to consider and many different new things to learn. I have put together a downloadable PDF of 5 weekly habits that I urge you to embrace as you build your business!

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