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Overcoming Negativity to Embrace Happiness

Overcoming Negativity to Embrace Happiness Whole Self Yoga

Happiness can sometimes feel like an elusive concept that is simply out of reach. It can be easy to look around and see everyone else enjoying happiness, and this may leave you feeling left out and lacking in this all important human experience. Even if it feels out of reach for you right now, the truth is that we can all have happiness, and we can all consciously work to invite it into our lives!

Negative Thought Patterns

We all have those repetitive, unhelpful thoughts that cause us to doubt ourselves and our potential. These thoughts damage our self-esteem and cause negative emotions to surface and thrive, such as anxiety, stress, fear and depression.

The first step to overcoming negative thought patterns is to identify that these thoughts are coming from the voice of your inner critic. This voice simply does not have your best interests at heart, and works to hold you back from achieving your ambitions and dreams. This voice is the manifestation of your regrets, your fears, your failures, and your unhappy experiences in life so far.

Once you recognise negative thought patterns as creations of the inner critic then you can begin to disconnect from these thoughts, and understand that you do not have to give your attention to them. When you are able to do this, you will then realise that these negative thoughts in your mind are just that – thoughts in your mind! These thoughts don’t have to exist in your reality and you don’t have to allow them to influence the decisions that you make about your life.

Detaching from negative thoughts gives us the power to create our own positive reality, and to truly embrace our own happiness. Remember, it’s totally normal and natural to have negative thoughts, but you do have the power to dispel them from your mind!

Holding Onto Negativity

One of the biggest barriers to happiness is the ongoing negativity that you are continuing to hold onto for no good reason at all!

The cycle of negative thinking is a trap that we can all easily fall into from time to time. When we allow negative thoughts to remain then we can not only damage our own happiness and sense of self-worth, but also cause harm to our relationships.

Friendship Positivity Whole Self

Think back to those friendships and relationships that have ended abruptly or fizzled out slowly after a moment of negativity. Perhaps this was due to an ongoing issue or an isolated incident or argument. Whatever the reason for it, losing people from our lives can be a difficult thing to deal with, especially if this is a relationship that has existed for a long time.

Unfortunately, sometimes certain relationships are better off coming to an end, especially if those relationships have become emotionally draining, toxic , and one-sided. However, if there’s the potential for resolution, simply by releasing any negativity that you are holding onto, then that option could be the best for your happiness in the long run!

Finding Genuine Resolutions

Often we try to mask our negative thought patterns, or to not give them the attention that they demand of us. As humans, we can be great at distracting ourselves from the things that are truly important.

But we must remind ourselves that distractions are not long-term solutions, and will never eventually turn into genuine resolutions. We have to put the work in and open ourselves up to self-criticism if we are to truly invite happiness into our lives.

Worrying About the Future

Some of us are prone to worrying much more than others, and this can cause all kinds of problems. Often we are deterred from doing something that we really want to do because we are worried about failure or criticism.

These ‘what if’ scenarios can certainly be hard to ignore, but there is so much to be gained by pushing them to the back of your mind and marching ahead with your plans regardless!

Positivity Negativity Whole Self Yoga

Imagine how much more abundant your life would be if you spent this time wondering about what could go right, instead of what could go wrong.

More often than not, the things that we worry about are things that we can not control. They are the actions or behaviour of other people or things that we simply have no power to influence.

Making Positive Choices

There are so many seemingly small choices and changes that you can make to bring positivity into your life and truly embrace happiness.

The food that you eat, the amount of exercise that you do, the people you spend time with, what you do each day, the job that you have, the place that you live, and so many more things, can all impact how happy and fulfilled you are in life.

Taking a moment to take stock of your life, and the way that you are living it at the present moment, can help you to see where you might wish to start making positive changes. For further advice, check out my post on dealing with negativity!

A Practical Guide to Happiness

If you need an extra helping hand with finding your own happiness, then my Practical Guide to Happiness could be just what you need!

A Practical Guide to Happiness Julie Montagu

The concepts of learning to let go, self-love and happiness often take a back seat when you have a hectic schedule! However, these things are essential components to not only our health and happiness, but our general well-being and quality of life.

In this course I introduce you to a variety of techniques that can be utilised in order to learn to let go, learn to love yourself and become a happier person! There are also downloadable recipes and quizzes to make sure you have absorbed the information fully to start putting your happiness FIRST!

By the end of this course you will have the knowledge you need to become a healthier and happier person. You will be much better equipped to deal with past negativity as well as knowing how to process your feelings in the present moment. You will be inspired to love and care for yourself as you truly should and you will be ready to let happiness shine through you in abundance!! Click here to check it out for yourself!

Defeat Stress for Happiness

Being able to overcome the sources of stress in your life can go a long way to helping you discover and maintain your happiness! This is something that I aim to help you do each and every week with my Get Inspired Newsletter!

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