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How to Embrace Positive Change

How to Embrace Positive Change

Happiness and positivity are two things that we surely all seek and wish to invite into our lives. However, sometimes when opportunities for positive change and progression present themselves, these things can be difficult to embrace entirely!

Today I want to talk about how best to embrace positive change, and how we can in turn invite further abundance and happiness into our lives!

Taking steps to assess what it is that we feel we need to change in our lives, and then understanding how to make these changes, is an essential component of personal growth. If we are not working towards moving forwards, then we are staying in the same place, and eventually that may not be where we want to be!

For many of us, change can be a difficult thing. Even when a new journey means great things for us, letting go of the past can be tricky. For example, this can be the case if you are moving home or working your way up into a new job. You know that these are fantastic changes, but it can be hard to let go of the comfort of your old home or old job.

Change is Inevitable

Nothing can stay the same forever, however much we may want it to. Reminding yourself of this regularly is a good way to prepare your mind for future events.

Even if you feel that you are happy with a current situation, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t something to be gained from moving on from it in the future. The things that make you happy now may not make you happy in the same way at some point down the line. Checking in with yourself often, so that you can always be aware of how you feel about the important things in your life, is a good way to know when things are starting to change for you.

Pinpoint Negativity

Only when you know what the sources of negativity, stress, and unhappiness in your life are, can you truly work to move on from them.

Sometimes change happens quickly because a negative situation that has existed for a while will get worse, forcing you to deal with it without warning. If you can pre-empt these situations by being aware of any unhappiness or tension, then you can deal with each situation before it becomes too stressful.

Negative Positive Change Julie Montagu

When you are trying to understand the sources of negativity in your life, then it is also a good idea to use this time to remind yourself of the positives too.

During this process of analysing your life and your relationships, you may become more aware of your true feelings on certain things. This can be an enlightening process and show you who and what you wish to give more time and energy to.

Express Gratitude

Expressing gratitude for the wonderful things in your life, and for the things that you know are to come, is a great way to embrace positive change.

When you make the conscious effort to express gratitude, then you are putting positivity out into the universe in thanks for the positive things that you have received.

A simple way to do this is to start every day by listing the things that you are grateful for. You can also do this at the end of each day in order to fall asleep full of good thoughts. Taking this one step further by expressing this gratitude to the people that you are thankful for is also a powerful way to invite further positivity in!

Seek Change

Often we are forced to make decisions about the future with very little time to really think about what we want. This can rock our sense of calm and balance, and make us feel unsure about other things.

Make Positive Changes Whole Self Yoga

Seeking out change as an important part of your life is a great way to stay ahead of the game. Try to regularly spend time thinking about how you would like to move forwards in your life, and make small and simple changes often.

Process Your Doubt

Fear of failure, self-doubt, feelings of uncertainty – these are all things that we can experience at any time about ourselves and about the future. These things may hold us back as we worry about the consequences of moving forwards, but these are all things that you can refuse to give your time to!

Being concerned about the future, and the success of our actions, is a totally normal and rational human thing. Even the most confident amongst us will experience this throughout their lives. The key is whether you let these thoughts take hold, or whether you use these fears to push yourself forwards instead!

Taking the time to really understand any feelings of doubt that you are experiencing, and to figure out where they are truly coming from, will help you to process them fully. Be patient with yourself and always be kind. The point of this is not to beat yourself up for having these feelings, but to understand why they exist and to move through them.

Don’t Assign Blame

If you are unhappy with something in your life at present, then there is nothing to be gained from trying to blame this on someone or something. Doing so can cause greater resentments to grow, both within yourself and within your relationships with others.

Friendship Relationship Positive Change

Accept that things are the way that they, regardless of the reason. You can then decide how best to deal with each issue in a rational way.

Value The Journey

Allowing yourself to experience good things, and to truly believe that you deserve them, is all a part of enjoying your life. If you deny yourself this pleasure then you are instilling the belief that you should stay stuck and not move forwards towards your own happiness.

Understand that the journey is just as exciting as the final destination, and feel the joy in each moment instead of trying to rush through each day.

Get Inspired

Embracing positive change is a great way to encourage the flow of happiness and abundance into your life! A way to further enhance this is to make the time to proactively keep stress and anxiety at bay. This is something I am always excited to talk about and share my advice on!

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