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Simple Positive Mindset Exercise

If you want to change your life and feel happier, the first thing to change is the relationship you have with your thoughts. Regardless of how successful, confident and healthy we are, everyone experiences moments of self-doubt and negative thought patterns.

Today, I want to share with you a simple five minute ‘positive mindset’ exercise that will allow you to reset your thinking and focus your attention towards more optimistic and happy thoughts.

With this exercise, I’m going to guide you through a very short meditation that will enable you to shift into a positive mindset. This is a great thing to be able to call upon if you feel negativity and unhappiness appear any time during your day.


Begin by creating a comfortable space for yourself, this can be somewhere inside of your home or somewhere else entirely. You may find that it is most beneficial to try this technique somewhere completely new, as this supports the idea of embracing intentional change for positivity.

Once you have established your meditation space, I want you to sit comfortably within it in a cross-legged position. If this is not comfortable for you then try to create a similar position that you feel you will be able to hold for the duration of this meditative practice.

Start by focusing on your breathing – breathe deeply – in and out for 30 seconds. Bring your breath deep own into your belly, and then expel until all of the breath has left your body. You can then repeat.

Now summon a negative experience to your mind. This shouldn’t be anything too distressing, just something like a recent encounter that may have left you not feeling great, or perhaps left you wishing you had conducted yourself in a different way. The key here is to pick an experience that you have dwelled on and feel that you could have done differently.

Once you have chosen your memory, now re-live the experience again in your mind. Try to focus on the details of the memory and really re-live how it felt to be in this moment.

Then contemplate why you feel this was a negative interaction, and if there is anything that you would possibly do differently if you had the chance to re-live this moment.

Return your focus to your breathing for a few moments, and then start to consider why you feel you should have had to act differently at all. Instead of dwelling on how things could have been different, try to understand why you responded in the way that you did, and accept your actions as perfectly valid and necessary in that moment.

Perhaps you said something that was misunderstood, or perhaps you cut the interaction short for any number of reasons. It is important to acknowledge your own worth in every situation, and acknowledge that the way in which you respond to a situation that you are presently living is a natural combination of instinct and character.

Now spend a few moments thinking on how this behaviour is actually a positive way to conduct yourself, and contributes to an authentic and genuine way of living.

At this point I would like you to make a promise to yourself that you won’t let similar interactions leave you with feelings of concern or regret.

You can then finish this meditation with a further 30 seconds of the breathing exercise that we engaged in at the beginning.

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