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Fighting Fatigue for Endless Energy

Fighting Fatigue for Endless Energy - advice by Julie Montagu

If you came crashing into 2018 already working towards your goals and instigating big positive changes then you may find now that your energy and enthusiasm is lacking a little! The same might also be true of your energy levels at the moment if you had a slow start to the year, and have found it difficult to get motivated.

Whatever the reasons for it, if you are suffering with feelings of fatigue at the moment, then it will likely be harder than usual for you to be at your best. It can not only affect how you physically get through the day, but can also bring you down mentally. This can quickly cause feelings of anxiety and stress to become more prominent.

So, if you are experiencing fatigue, how can you begin to tackle it?

Little and Often

Keeping your body fuelled is one of the best ways to help keep fatigue at bay. If you are someone who has three meals a day, with little to eat in-between, then your energy levels can take the hit.

If you eat smaller meals every three to four hours, or at least be sure to have healthy snacks between bigger meals, then you will be a step closer to giving your body the nourishment it needs!

Engage Your Body

You may assume that exercising zaps the body of energy. But, the simple truth is that exercise can help to give you a boost, and will mean that you have more energy in the long run if you do it often!

Cut it Out

Eradicating things like caffeine and alcohol from your diet can do wonders for your energy levels. This is due to the effects that both of these things have within the body. To help yourself succeed, you may want to cut back slowly by lowering the amount that you consume over the course of a few weeks.

Furthermore, both caffeine and alcohol can impact how well you sleep, which can be a further reason for your feelings of fatigue!

Wellness for Women

If you have seen my wellness for women membership site – Truly Julie – then you will know that I am on a mission to inspire and motivate women to become healthier and happier – and I would love it if you would join me on this journey as we keep moving through 2018!

Also, if you wan to learn about how eating more plant-based foods can enhance your health and your energy levels, then click here now to check out my starter guide!

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  1. Had a look over this delicious meal plan detox after uploading to my drive.It prints off very nicely! thank you for including thorough meat substitute list. its going on side of my fridge starting Wednesday (my shopping day) no meat no cappuccino soup no processed food (except chickpeas) !!
    I wonder how you incorporate good fats- and eliminate the no no’s. I have one epileptic in my home and went overboard compensating with keto by adding a lot of cream full fat cheese and falling back on sausages bacon to keep fat ratios in balance.Nuts are a vegan option but you have to roast to keep mold at bay.
    I like these-they are simple to prep.Love the shopping list- I ve added to my smartphone calendar alerts.

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