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Sell Out Your Yoga Class Whole Self Yoga

Sell Out Your Yoga Classes

Getting bodies on those mats to sell out your yoga classes can be one of the biggest struggles for new yoga teachers! With so many different classes to choose from, those looking to practice yoga are often spoilt for choice. This abundance of amazing teachers can make it difficult to stand out as a yoga teacher – especially when you are new to the game!

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7 Signs You're Ready To Start Your Own Wellness Business

7 Signs You’re Ready to Start Your Own Wellness Business

If you are one of the countless people embracing the ever-growing wellness movement of the last few years then you may occasionally find yourself asking how you can take the next step.

Starting your own wellness business may seem like a huge undertaking, but if this is something that you are passionate about then it could be an incredible move for you to make. It can give you the freedom to be your own boss, manifest more financial freedom, and truly build the life that you want for yourself.

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What To Expect When You Transition From A Corporate Career To A Career In Yoga

What to Expect When You Transition from a Corporate Career to a Career in Yoga

The story of a yogi having found their calling after a lengthy corporate career is not an uncommon one! Many people who have started their working lives in the business world may eventually become indifferent to the chaotic life that they previously loved. And, when this happens, they may begin to seek a more spiritually fulfilling job – such as a career in yoga!

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How To Escape Yoga Teacher Burnout Whole Self Yoga

How To Escape Yoga Teacher Burnout

Being a yoga teacher generally means that you get to make a living by doing something that you absolutely love – at least this is usually the case! However, as with anything that you do for work, or anything that you do regularly for an extended period, there is always the possibility that you may start to feel burned out.

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