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How To Embrace A Home Yoga Practice

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One of the fantastic things about yoga is that you can practice it absolutely anywhere, and at any time. This means that if you aren’t able (or simply don’t want to) go out to a class, then it is also possible to embrace a home yoga practice.

One of the potential pitfalls of doing yoga at home, is that you might find it difficult to motivate yourself. When you don’t have a real-life teacher telling you what to do, and correcting your form, then it can be harder to stay on track.

Alongside the challenges of doing yoga by yourself, there are also many wonderful benefits. Today I am going to explore those benefits and hopefully encourage you to embrace a home yoga practice!

Going To A Yoga Class

The practicalities of getting started with in-person yoga lessons right now are tricky. Although a number of yoga studios are opening up and accepting students, there are still a number of concerns around hygiene and safety due to the pandemic. What’s more, many studios have had to cap the amount of people they can invite into each class, so as to help reduce the potential spread of coronavirus.

When you choose to go to a yoga class, you will be immersed in the community and support of this group, and that’s so fantastic. This can go a long way to shaping your personal development and enabling you to feel a part of this community.

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However, if you have concerns about the potential current risks of being in this environment, then you may miss out on enjoying these things.

Choosing A Home Yoga Practice

If you are raring to get going with practicing yoga, but you have reservations about going to a class, then choosing to practice at home is a great option for you!

All you need to get started with a home yoga practice is a mat and some motivation. There are a number of other handy props that can assist your practice as you progress, but there is certainly no necessity to have any other equipment.

Having an online guide as you kickstart your yoga learning can be an amazing way to ease you in and keep you on track. This can either be in the form of an individual teacher who is giving you a one on one lesson, or could be a video series that you follow along to.

Individual Lessons

Having your own personal yoga teacher could prove invaluable as you as get into a home yoga practice. Having someone to guide you and to explain the wider philosophy of yoga to you can be so helpful.

Practicing this way will also mean that you have scheduled classes to attend, which can be fantastic for keeping you on track. It’s much harder to make excuses not to do something when you are accountable to someone else.

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Your yoga teacher will be able to progress your lessons at an appropriate pace, and this can be helpful for staying safe on the mat. Although there is generally a very low injury rate with yoga, you may be tempted to go too far, too soon — and this may put you off continuing if you find it overly difficult.

Video Series Yoga

Following along to on-demand yoga at home will allow you to fit your practice into your own schedule with greater ease. You can fit these lessons into your day and week whenever you want to, and this can be extremely helpful time-wise.

One of the downsides to this is that you might find that life gets in the way and that your yoga practice gets pushed down your priority list. However, finding ways to motivate yourself, such as visualising your progression as you reach your goals, can be a simple fix.

Another similar option is to follow along to live classes that are open to all. This way, you have the benefit of a schedule without actually having the teacher all to yourself.

Create Space

Having a place in your home that is your designated yoga space can be very helpful to your practice. When you have this place for yourself, then you can always visualise yourself on the mat, and this can encourage you to get going with each session.

This also helps to create a sense of consistency around your yoga practice, and to eradicate the possibility of disruption. If you live with other people, then make sure they know and respect your yoga space, and that they make an effort not to disturb you when you are practicing.

Get Excited

It can be easy to lose sight of the reasons that you wanted to start doing yoga. Reminding yourself of your reasons often is a good way to keep yourself excited and inspired.

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If you start to lose interest in your home practice, then it is always worthwhile to take stock of your goals, and to consider what you are working towards. The reasons that we practice yoga are unique to each of us, and it’s always a good idea to revisit these reasons regularly.

Practice With Me!

If you haven’t been to a live and online yoga session with me yet, then I would love to invite you to come along!

These classes are generally suitable for all ability levels, and I offer one class a week that is designed for complete beginners. Check out the class schedule by clicking here and I hope to see you on the mat soon!

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