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Finally! Healthy for YOU household cleaners (and they work too!)

Keeping chemicals out of my home is super important to me, but it can often be difficult to do when it comes to choosing cleaning products. The majority of cleaning products that are widely available contain a scary amount of chemicals, not least of all bleach.

I believe that over-exposure to the toxins that are prevalent in most household cleaning products can be incredibly harmful to our health over time, and there is so much evidence to support this! In addition to being bad for our own health, they are also harmful to the environment, and I think it’s really important for the future of our planet that we find ways to decrease our dependance on these products.

The range of cleaning products from ALKIMI is a total game changer, and means I can keep my home clean without bringing bleach and other harmful chemicals into the house!

With many chemical-free cleaning products that I’ve used in the past, or tried to make myself from natural ingredients, I’ve noticed that the results are sometimes disappointing. However, the powerful combination of eco-friendly ingredients of Alkimi makes for amazing cleaning products that are multi-purpose and super effective.

I do a lot of cooking, both for my family of five people plus me, and also when I’m experimenting with creating new recipes. Because I use my kitchen so much, it’s really important to me to keep it as clean as possible and always ready to use again. It’s also really important to me to keep all chemicals out of the kitchen and away for the food! ALKIMI Kitchen Cleaner is my favourite in the ALKIMI range. It contains a combination of grapefruit seed extract and tea tree oil to create a cleaning product that is both anti-fungal and anti-microbial.

Second only to the Kitchen Cleaner, ALKIMI Multipurpose Cleaner is my favourite cleaning  product. Orange oil is one of the main ingredients in this product, which is known to have anti-fungal and anti-septic properties. I use this one all over my house, as well as in the car, and love that it leaves everything naturally spotless without the worry of residual chemicals being left behind.

Having now made the switch to ALKIMI products, I’m excited to have a home that is free from dirt and grime and also free from chemicals!

Alkimi products are available now from Ocado, and you can click here to check out their range!

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