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How To Create Your Home Yoga Sanctuary

home yoga practice

As the difficulties of the pandemic continue to encourage more students and teachers to embrace a home yoga practice, many people might find that there are obstacles to overcome!

One of the many wonderful things about getting along to an in-person yoga class, is that you enter a space that is designed for purpose. The environment is peaceful, the equipment is provided, and everybody is giving their full attention to yoga for the duration of the session — with a guarantee of no interruptions!

However, when it comes to engaging in a yoga practice at home, you may find that you can’t easily recreate this peace, and that it isn’t as easy to harness your concentration. What’s more, it’s not always possible to predict who else might be in your space, or what unexpected interruptions might present!

Your Home Yoga Sanctuary

In order to help you find solutions to these problems so that you can make the most of your home practice, today I want to share my top tips on creating a yoga sanctuary at home.


Make Space

One of the simplest yet most important things you can do when it come to making your home yoga sanctuary, is to find a permanent space for your practice.

When you always practice in the same spot, then you can begin to develop a connection to this area. You can ensure that it is always free from chaos, and that everyone else in your home respects this space for its intended purpose.

This doesn’t mean that your yoga mat has to always be on the ground, or that you can’t do other things in this part of your home. It simply means that you always practice in this space, and that you always have the option to do so. If you are able to permanently give this area entirely to your practice, and not use it for anything else, then that is wonderful, and could certainly be beneficial. However, it is not usually possible to find this much space at home!

Being able to always visualise yourself doing yoga in the allocated area can help to motivate you to get on the mat when your enthusiasm is lagging. So make sure this is the first thing you do when getting into the flow of yoga at home.

Accessorise With Intention

When you are setting up your home yoga sanctuary, it can be really helpful to embrace your own aesthetic. By this I mean, create a setting that reflects the atmosphere you wish to practice within.

You can purchase items such as scented candles, incense, and ornaments to build a sense of calm.

meditation yoga home practice

Try to avoid putting items in this space that you don’t connect with, and try to remember that too many things will start to feel like clutter. Having a minimal approach to this space will help to keep your mind clear when you are practicing, and that can go a long way to helping you feel calm and relaxed.


Your home yoga practice is something you will have to work to develop, and you may have your own unique struggles with this from time to time. A common hurdle is not being able to fully relax, especially if your home is not always conducive to peace and quiet.

Meditating is an amazing way to quiet your mind, and to push out any distractions and disturbances. Starting each yoga session with a period of meditation can encourage your mind to embrace what lies ahead. And, on those days where you don’t feel up to doing a yoga class, simply spend some time in meditative practice instead.

Your breath and your mind are both very powerful. And, when utilised in combination — such as through meditation — they can help to build your confidence and motivation.

Consider The Benefits

If you feel like home yoga is something you have to do right now — as opposed to a regular class — because of the pandemic, then it’s time to reframe those thoughts.

This negative approach is sure to put you off, and can leave you feeling as though you are missing out. However, there is much to be gained from doing yoga by yourself, and this is a great opportunity to experience these benefits.

When you practice at home, then you are the absolute centre of this time, and everything you do is for you. You do not have to consider the needs of your fellow students, or give any thought to the act of getting to and from the class. Everything can happen at your own time, to meet your own needs, and everything can progress at your own individual pace.


If there are certain aspects of your practice that you have been finding tough in group settings, then now is the time to slow down and give prominence to these issues.

Online Yoga Lessons

You may find that all you need for your home practice is your own body and mind. However, you may also benefit from taking structured lessons online.

Online lessons can help to keep you connected to the world, while also enjoying the support of your community. This can ensure you continue to learn new things, and to accept guidance and advice.

My online yoga platform is a fantastic place to seek this support, and also to build your own network.

You can choose to join me for LIVE lessons, or to work your way through the huge library of classes and additional content, such as wellbeing and nutrition advice.

Click here to join me now and boost your home practice!

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