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Four Fantastic Tips For Teaching Yoga Online


Teaching yoga online is a great choice for so many reasons — especially as the pandemic continues to shape our lives.

If you are already a yoga teacher, then teaching online is perhaps not something you’ve ever had any experience of. And, if you’re aspiring to become a yoga teacher, then this may not have been how you imagined setting out. However, there are so many advantages to teaching online that I encourage you to give it some serious thought!

When you teach online, you can expand your reach, create more flexibility in your own schedule, and grow your business with greater ease.

Today, in order to help you to get started, I am sharing four of my top tips for succeeding as an online yoga teacher!

1.Create Space

When you are teaching yoga online, you will need to create a space where you can film your classes. This will likely be in your home, but you can also film your classes outside.

Within your home, the space that you create for your yoga lessons should always be fit for purpose and free from clutter. You can decorate this space to make it look and feel comfortable, but try to be consistent and minimal with what you have in view.

You will have to test the view from your camera to make sure that you will never be out of frame during a class. In order to support this, it’s a good idea to mark an area around your mat that is always in the shot. You can then make sure you don’t move outside of this marked area during a class.


Make sure you always set up this space well in advance of each class so that there’s no last minute stress. And, also ensure you are never going to be interrupted!

If you are going to live stream yourself from outside, then find a quiet location where you won’t be disturbed. It is also important to make sure your internet connection and your audio is of a suitable quality.

2. Invest In The Essentials

One of the great things about teaching yoga online is that you don’t really need much to get started. However, there are a few essentials.

You will need a decent microphone headset to wear while you teach. This ensures that your instruction is always clear and audible. When your students are taking your classes, they may not always be able to see their screen, so it is essential that they can hear you well and follow your verbal instructions.

You will also of course need a computer or mobile device to film or stream your classes on. You might want to go a step further and invest in a separate camera or camcorder, but this is not totally essential. As long as your videos are high quality and your device is reliable, then you’re good to go!

3. Consider Pricing

The way in which you price your classes is obviously entirely up to you, but will of course have an impact on who takes part.

If you are solely teaching online classes, as opposed to in-person, then you will have to set a price that is realistic for your business. However, if you are also teaching offline, then you may feel you are able to be more flexible on the price. You may also only be teaching occasionally online in order to promote your offline classes, in which case you might want to offer the online versions for free.


A great way to get people along to your online classes is to offer the sessions on a donation basis. This makes your yoga more accessible to a wider range of people, and helps to get more people to tune in. You will also often find that those who are able to pay more will be generous with their donations.

Another similar option is to offer your classes on a sliding scale with a suggested donation. When you do this, make sure your students know that they can come along for free if they are unable to donate.

If you are going to have a set price for your classes, then offering a free trial can be a great way to get people interested. Similarly, offering a discount for purchasing multiple classes at the same time is also good encouragement for people to buy.

Offering a subscription service, whereby people pay a set monthly fee to access as many of your classes as they want, is also a good way to maintain interest.

4. Advertising Your Classes

Social media will be an essential tool for promoting your online yoga classes. So, if you do not already have a social media presence, then this is something that you should work to develop.

Great platforms to get started on are Instagram Facebook, and Twitter. You should regularly update these profiles with details of your yoga classes, as well as with additional content for your followers to enjoy.

You should also create a new page on your website to advertise your online classes, and make sure your existing followers and students know about this page. You can link to it often via your social media channels, so be sure to keep it up to date in line with your schedule.

Advertising through a newsletter is a great way to raise interest and boost attendance. You should always collect the email addresses of people who visit your website and those who sign up to your classes. You can then continue to reach out to them about future sessions, in addition to anything else that you’re up to.

Make sure you keep up to date on the latest General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) when it comes to your newsletters.


Finally, just because you are teaching online does not mean you can’t advertise offline. If you teach in-person classes then be sure to tell your students that they can catch you on the internet too. You can also print out posters and flyers to distribute in your local area, as well as in local yoga studios and other businesses.

Click here for more advice on using social media to build your yoga business!

Online Yoga Lessons

If you now think that teaching yoga online is something you would love to do then that’s great!

If you need further motivation and guidance, then you may find my online yoga classes to be a wonderful source of inspiration. I teach live online a number of times every week, and you can click here for my schedule.

You can purchase the classes individually via my website, or you can join me on Patreon for unlimited access!

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