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What Is Mandala Vinyasa?


As a yoga teacher, one of the best ways to keep your students coming back for more is to create fun and interesting classes for them. There are so many different ways in which you can do this, and one of my all-time favourite ways is to incorporate Mandala Vinyasa!

This may be a type of sequencing that you haven’t encountered much before, and I’m excited to tell you all about it today.

Always introducing new ideas into your lessons can go a long way to giving your students the very best experience. This is something you will initially be equipped to do following your Yoga Teacher Training, and is then something you will have to work to develop.

Mandala Vinyasa

Mandala Vinyasa can be used to create 360 degree sequences around the yoga mat. There are so many ways to embrace this concept, and you have a lot of freedom to bring your own creativity and imagination into it.

Sequencing of this nature will typically be slower than your standard Vinyasa. And, much emphasis will be placed on the breath and the pace of the movements. The movements will all be connected to the breath, and the circular sequence will flow seamlessly together.


Mandala Vinyasa is something you can introduce slowly as an addition to your existing lesson plans. You can then decide to incorporate it more if your students are enjoying it.

Often when we practice Mandala Vinyasa, there is a strong focus and emphasis on intention. We hold our intentions firmly in our mind, and we give our energy to them as we flow through the sequence.

As the teacher, you have the ability to make Mandala Vinyasa as challenging as you would like it to be. You should, of course, always offer modifications for the more complicated poses. And, always do your best to ensure everyone is executing the poses safely and correctly.

If you would like to see an example of Mandala Vinyasa, then head to my YouTube channel to follow along to a ten minute flow!

Mandala Vinyasa & Teacher Mentoring

If you are unsure where to start with teaching Mandala, then my online course – Mandala Vinyasa and Teacher Mentoring — is a great source of knowledge.

“Great variety in terms of poses and pacing, learned to LOVE mandala, perfect for intermediate + because you talk through the levels of poses…which is amazing – so many classes are too beginner and don’t help to move you on to the next level of a pose or too advanced and you never make it back” – past student.

Through this course I will give you with the knowledge and expertise to bring this sequencing into your yoga classes.


The course will also give you the confidence you need to deliver these sequences with accuracy and self-assurance. It also doubles up as teacher mentoring, as I share with you the guidance that will help you to take the next step in building your business.

“This course is amazing.  Not only do you get a solid methodical understanding of Mandala, but at present, no other Teacher Training is offering such insight into how to create and run a yoga business” – past student.

Teaching Yoga Online

Mandala Vinyasa isn’t just something to be taught during in-person classes. This is also a concept that you can introduce to your online yoga sessions.

Teaching yoga online is a fantastic alternative to teaching at a studio. Doing so actually has so many wonderful advantages. This is something that is has become especially true during the pandemic, as people increasingly move different aspects of their lives online.


Being an online yoga teacher means you can guide students from all around the world. It also means that your physical presence does not have to be restricted. You can set up your online studio from absolutely anywhere, and it can move around the world as you do.

Click here for more advice on Becoming An Online Yoga Teacher!

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