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Body Awareness Technique you can use Anywhere

Body awareness is how conscious and connected you are to your own body and has many benefits both physically and emotional.

By connecting with your body, you’re more aware of your its cues and can therefore better understand what you need from moment to moment. This means you can tell the difference between hunger, thirst, tiredness, and emotional distress. Understanding what your body is telling you can lead to greater health and emotional wellbeing.

If you’re feeling stressed, you may notice that your muscles are tense or if you’re feeling anxious, you may notice your heart race has increased. By having this awareness and noticing these physical signs, you’ll be better placed to address the emotional needs of your body and take a break or do some breathing techniques.


This 5 minute body awareness exercise can be done anywhere. It will bring you back to the present moment and free you from stressful thoughts. If you feel like you need to set a timer when you do this on your own to ensure you hit 5 minutes, then of course that’s fine, but it’s also okay just to go with the flow and not be concerned with how much time has really passed.

This relaxation technique exercise can be done at any time of day and is most effective when you sit in a chair with your feet firmly on the floor; but find the most comfortable seated position that works for you. Give yourself this little break to feel calm, happy and balanced.


Once you have found a comfortable position in which to sit then close your eyes and breathe deeply in whilst counting to four.

You can then exhale slowly as you count to six and repeat this process six times.

Once you have done this six times, begin to breathe again as you normally would. Then begin to focus your attention on your fingertips and imagine that you are actually breathing through your fingertips.

After a few moments of adjusting to this idea, repeat the previous breathing exercise of breathing in for four counts and breathing out for six counts, six times – all the while imagining that you are breathing in and out through your fingertips.

Once you have done this six times with your fingertips, refocus your attention to your forehead, and repeat the breathing exercise again. Move from here to doing the same thing with your feet, and then finally with your chest.

The key is to really imagine that the breath is coming in and out of these areas, and to be aware of how this might feel if it were a reality, and also how does it actually feel.

Once you have completed this breathing technique you can then return your breathing to normal and bring your attention back to the present moment.

If you feel like you need to spend some time with your eyes closed in relaxation before you completely finish the technique, then feel free to do so.

As soon as you are ready, stand up from your seated position and stretch all of your limbs for a few moments before ending the practice.

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