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Why you need to prioritise self-care

We live in a social world where we are constantly striving to be our very best selves, but always trying to be Instagram ready, all that effort can begin to really take its toll.

As we all struggle to keep up, learning to prioritise ourselves and taking the time to care for ourselves is not only a nice treat, but also an absolute essential to keeping healthy. The way you care for yourself, and the time you allow yourself to relax and rest, is just as important as the time you dedicate to creating your dream life.

What often happens when we’re overworked and overwhelmed, is the things that we know are good for us are often the things we prioritise least, so we never give ourselves the time to recover to get right back on top of our game.

Making you a priority and showing yourself some self-care and self-love is what allows you to live your life, and when you take time for you, you’re creating the space you need to allow you to live a happy and healthy life.

How to prioritise self-care

Here are some ideas on how to take care of yourself— even when life is super busy.

1. Take some time every day just for you

This won’t take away from your productivity – it may well increase it. Take time to connect with yourself and pay attention to what you need. Perhaps it’s 15 minutes of meditation or getting outside for a walk over lunch. It’s amazing what a difference even a few minutes to create that space and recentre yourself can do.

2. Get a good night’s sleep

Getting between seven and eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every night is best for optimum health. For some people getting this much sleep might sound like a luxury as opposed to a necessity but it is essential if you want to maintain optimum health and look and feel your best.

Once you are sleeping properly you will quickly notice that your energy levels increase, your mind is more balanced. You will soon adjust to your new routine and this positivity will follow you into other areas of your life!

3. Find what matters

It’s really easy to confuse what we’re told we should want with what we actually want. Very quickly we can find ourselves with a huge list of things ‘we’ want to achieve, and it can be hugely overwhelming, adding unnecessary pressure to work hard and longer. Take some time to figure out what it is you actually want and what’s important to you. You’ll find you’re much happier chasing your dreams than someone else’s!

4. Be kind to yourself

Be mindful of how you talk to yourself. So much damage is done by the language we use. Instead use positive self-talk and be compassionate with yourself even if things aren’t going quite right. We’re not in competition with anyone, so allow yourself to make mistakes and don’t be hard on yourself if things are taking a little longer than you hoped. Why not take it further and even treat yourself? Buy some fresh flowers or have a mini pamper session to boost those happy feelings.


5. Slow down

There never seems to be enough time to do everything you want or need to do. Yet rushing through your daily activities often stops you from the experience. If you down your morning coffee while battling traffic on your way to work or have a quick bite while sat at your desk you probably aren’t even noticing the taste and smells the way you would if you sat down and leisurely enjoyed it. Slowing down offers physical benefits as well; people who eat slower tend to gain less weight maintain lower blood pressure and experience less stress and anxiety.

Self-care should never be an afterthought

Caring for yourself isn’t selfish. It’s simply the most important aspect to make sure that you show up as your best self for your work, your family, and your loved ones. Self-care is all about making you happier, calmer, less stressed, better health, and a better overall quality of life. Taking time to relax and de-stress can mean an improvement in your mood, brain function, and memory. Relaxation will allow your mind and body to repair itself meaning you’ll make better decisions. It’ll also help lower the risk of depression, anxiety and boost your immunity.


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