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Stress and Physical Health

Stress and Physical Health - Julie Montagu

This month within my wellness for women community – Truly Julie – we are talking about different sources of stress and how we can eliminate the impact these stresses have on our lives. This is of course an extensive concept, and one that surely affects all of us to some degree!!

There are several ways that stress can affect us in emotional ways, such as a low mood, a negative outlook and feelings of frustration. However, what isn’t spoken about as often is how stress can seriously affect our physical health.

When you are experiencing a stressful moment, it is likely that your heart rate will be elevated, your blood pressure will increase and and that your mind will find it more difficult to focus on one thought. You may also find that you experience discomfort in your stomach. Your body can also experience much more serious responses to stressful situation.

If the stressful situation is quite serious, such as a car accident, then this can even affect the heart. It has been known that people who have underlying heart conditions can experience heart attacks, arrhythmias or even sudden death when they have encountered a high-stress situation. In fact, our cardiovascular system is one aspect of our health that can feel the most harm from the presence of stress. 

Although these instances of serious stress can obviously be quite damaging, the impact of persistent chronic stress on our health is a more pressing cause for concern.

When we are continuously exposed to stress over an extended period of time then this can really change how we are able to live our lives. Our energy levels will be zapped, leaving us feeling tired and irritable, not to mention that our concentration levels can rapidly decrease.

Furthermore, chronic stress is known to exacerbate symptoms of existing health issues, such as headaches or migraines that become more intense, or a poor sleep cycle becoming even worse. 

Problems can also occur with our physical health because of the different ways in which we deal with our stress – such as through smoking, drinking alcohol, over-eating etc. Although it seems as though we are helping to alleviate the stress when we do these things, it can actually just contribute towards the further detriment of our physical health. It is therefore important that instead of finding ways to live with the stress that we have, that we actually strive to eliminate these issues from our lives and work towards a place of positivity instead.

Check back next week for my top tips on being able to accomplish this!

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