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How to Overcome Disappointment

Disappointment is something that some of us may experience more regularly, or feel more deeply than others, but it is true to say that it will of course feature in all of our lives at some point.

If you find that you are particularly affected by this concept, then the following advice may be of help to you!

Sources of Disappointment

There can be several different sources of this disappointment, such as our friends, our family members and even those who we don’t know so well! You may be disappointed to miss out on plans because your train was delayed or because of a last minute cancellation. Or, you may experience disappointment when a romantic situation doesn’t work out the way you thought it would.

Whatever the source of your individual disappointments, the important thing is to not allow this experience to dwell on your mind and bring your mood down.

Understanding Expectations

One of the most obvious things that we can do to overcome disappointment is to realise that we all have different capabilities, and this extends to the physical, the emotional and the practical – amongst other things. This difference in what we are capable of can often be overlooked and this can lead to us place unrealistic expectations on others. It is when these expectations are then not met this can lead to upset and disappointment.

Before you enter into a situation it can be helpful to establish what the best and worst outcomes of this situation could be. Be aware of several possible eventualities and try to manage your expectations accordingly.

Embrace Forgiveness

Letting go of the negative feelings that are connected to your disappointing experience are key if you are to move on. As we all navigate our way through life it is inevitable that our attitudes will be altered in some way by experiences that we would rather forget. It is therefore important that you don’t hold onto the small disappointments and choose instead to extend forgiveness and understanding to those who may have let you down.

By simply talking through the problem with another person – be it the person who disappointed you or someone else – you can get these feelings off your chest and out of your mind. Meditating on the experience can also be a great way to process your emotions surrounding it.

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