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8 Essential Books for Health and Wellbeing

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With such a wealth of information available when it comes to health and nutrition, it can be hard to know who to trust and what to believe.

There are so many different diets that claim to help you lose weight while also improving health and wellbeing. This means that settling on just one can be complicated!

I find the best way to avoid this is to devote the time to reading a good book on the topic. Consuming an entire book is a fantastic way to truly understand a topic and can inspire and motivate you to stick to your healthy goals!

8 Essential Books for Health and Wellbeing

The following books are some of my absolute favourites when it comes to discovering new and interesting things about health and wellbeing. These books have shaped my understanding of eating for optimum health and I absolutely can’t recommend them enough.


This book by Kara M.L Rosen teaches the reader all about juices that boost, cleanse and heal. Kara’s book teaches us all about how consuming fresh, raw juices will boost your nutrient count whilst also helping your system to detox.

The book continues to explain how your health will benefit immensely, keeping sickness at bay. There’s more than 40 recipes in this book for various juice blends which will rapidly leave you feeling rejuvenated!

Honestly Healthy Cleanse

This book is written by Natasha Corrett and is a fantastic and creative introduction to healthy cooking. Natasha is a gourmet vegetarian chef and she has created a series of recipe plans that help to guide the reader towards a healthier lifestyle.

Her plans incorporate a number of different food types to make up a well-rounded approach to good foods. There’s over 100 recipes in this book which promote optimum nutrition and natural weight loss.

Healing with Whole Foods

Paul Pitchford has put together this fantastic book which is not only used as a reference by students of acupuncture but also by those looking to find out more about Chinese medicine.

There are over 300 recipes in this book, the majority of which are vegetarian, and focus on regeneration through diet. Pitchford has written this book with the intention of educating his readers in the areas of healing, awareness and peace.

Eating for Beauty

David Wolfe is one of America’s leading experts on nutrition and this book explains how a diet full of fresh produce is the best choice for everyone. Not only does the book teach how these foods can promote natural beauty but also how they can cleanse the system and nourish the body.

Although this book is easy to follow, it does delve into some scientific explanations as to why the chemical processes from certain foods affect us in such a negative way.

Healthy at 100

This book by John Robbins shows us how our life span and our general health can be improved vastly through healthy eating.

Within the book, Robbins explores several different cultures and how people within those cultures have reached old age through eating well. Countless people have already been inspired by this book, which also encourages people to live life to the full and be as happy as possible while their health improves.

The Healing Path of Yoga

Nischala Joy Devi is the writer of this amazing book and is a known pioneer of yoga and natural healing.

The book explains how yoga can reduce stress and the importance of doing so due to the dangerous effects it has on our lives. Devi uses the book as a platform to share her years of wisdom in yoga practice and teaches people how to take greater control of their lives.

The Women’s Health Big Book of Yoga

This book is full of fantastic yoga poses which will stretch and tone your body while also building muscle and improving your stamina.

This book not only demonstrates many of these poses to us but also explains why they can improve our health, boost our sex drives, help us to lose weight and also to cleanse our bodies and minds!

Loving Yourself to Great Health

Louise Hay, Ahlea Khadro and Heather Dane have come together with this book to transform lives by encouraging people to create their dreams. The book combines several theories of letting go of the things that limit us whilst also focusing on nutrition and health.

These books are all available on my store so click the title link to buy them for yourself!

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  1. I shall have to add Plenish and Eating for Beauty to my reading list. My hubby and I have recently tried juicing but we were not so successful in the endeavor. Perhaps we had too lofty a goal and just don’t have enough info to keep us motivated. Thanks for the list!

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    Nutrition is a key catalyst to strengthen our minds and bodies. Mood and health are the most important factors shaping our lives, and keeping ourselves updated on these concepts are far more beneficial than updating our gadgets. Internal well being is far more valuable than external distractions and stimuli.

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    I absolutely loved this post because I have been meaning to start a health book club with some really great recommendations! This list is a great way to kickstart that! Thank you;)

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