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What is Emotional Wellbeing and Why is it Important?

The word ‘wellbeing’ has been used more and more in recent years as our understanding of the importance of self-care has grown. This is a concept that absolutely everyone can benefit from and should give their time to thinking about!

What is Emotional Wellbeing?

Emotional wellbeing is generally defined as the condition of being happy and healthy. It relates to having balanced mental health and to regularly experiencing feelings of satisfaction with life.

People who pay attention to enhancing their own wellbeing tend to be more comfortable in their lives and also within their relationships with other people. Emotional wellbeing goes hand in hand with feeling purposeful in life, which is certainly connected to authentic happiness.

How to Improve Wellbeing

Wellbeing, like health and happiness, is not a journey that has an end point. It is something that you continuously have to work on in order to maintain and develop this state. This means that you have to commit to  giving yourself ongoing care and attention in a wide range of different ways.

This might sound confusing at first, but if you compare this concept to healthy eating then it is very simple to understand!

eating emotional wellbeing

When you want to feel better about your physical health, your diet will often be the first area of your life that you address. You might decide to ditch the junk food and to start eating more healthy and wholesome meals. After a while, you might find that your physical health improves because you are doing this. If you revert back to your old dietary habits, then it is natural to expect that the improvements you have made to your health will also begin to unwind.

You must commit to your new healthy eating regime for the long-term in order to continue enjoying the benefits of doing so. The same is true of the actions you take to improve your emotional wellbeing.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Your thoughts have a huge impact over how you feel on a day to day basis. If your thoughts tend to be mostly negative, or you find that your mind dwells on incidents the past, then this can seriously bring your mood down. This in turn will impact your sense of wellbeing.

On the other hand, when you have a tendency towards positive thinking, then you will likely find that your mood is more consistent throughout each day.

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Although it may not always feel this way, you do have the power to influence your own thoughts. You have the power to expel negative thoughts from your mind and you have the ability to invite positivity in.

Why is Stress so Harmful?

Stress is one of the biggest reasons that emotional wellbeing will be  impacted. Even the smallest unpleasant incident can feel huge in the present moment. This can cause intense feelings of stress and anxiety to surface. You will likely be able to think of several times that something felt very stressful when it was happening, but that it then felt much more manageable just a few hours or days later.

Being aware of how stress naturally decreases over time can be incredibly helpful in dealing with these incidents. Reminding yourself that these feelings will pass can assist you in moving through these challenging moments.

When stress is allowed to build up and continue to take hold in the mind, this can make it feel impossible to allow positivity to emerge.

Can Mindfulness Help?

Embracing mindfulness can help to enhance so many areas of your life. Your sense of emotional wellbeing will certainly benefit you when you strive to become more mindful.

wellbeing happiness julie montagu

Your wellbeing is something that you can take care of through small and simple actions each and every day. It is also something you can enhance through more significant acts, such as by taking a break from everyday life to prioritise your own needs.

This November I will be hosting a restorative and transformative wellbeing retreat over at Mapperton House & Gardens for this exact reason! This full day event will feature yoga, foraging around the estate, crafting, plant-based food, essential oils, a sound bath and more!

This will be a fantastic opportunity to focus on yourself for an entire day, while also enjoying the company of other people who are striving to do the same. My winter wellbeing retreat will leave you feeling nourished, calm, and relaxed!

Click here to learn more about the retreat and to book your space!

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