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How To Embrace Positive Thinking

embrace positive thinking

Maintaining a positive attitude is something even the happiest among us may struggle with sometimes. There is no one way to stay positive, and it is something that we have to work towards each and every day.

Positive thinking is the act of encouraging your thoughts and feelings in the right direction, and working to manifest these thoughts into your reality.

Today I am going to talk about how you can embrace this concept and, in doing so, work to grow your happiness!

Find Your Focus

If you find that you often feel unhappy or distracted by negative thoughts, then this may be because you allow yourself to dwell on things from the past.

Moving your focus in a different direction, and reminding yourself of the great things in your life, can help you to overcome this.

There is simply nothing to be gained from over-thinking the things that you can’t change. And if you have frequent thoughts of regret, or you often think back to negative experiences that you have had, then you will find that these feelings seep into your everyday thought processes.

This can be absolutely exhausting, and can leave you feeling as though you will never truly move on to a better place emotionally.

Acknowledge Your Thoughts

Often negative thoughts come back to us on repeat because we never truly deal with them, or process what these thoughts are trying to tell us. We don’t want to think about these things, so we try to push them from our minds after having briefly let them in.

positive thought process

When we do this, we end up allowing the unpleasant thoughts to surface for long enough to make us feel bad, but we don’t actually work to overcome them for good. This means that these thoughts are free to come back any time — and they will!

Instead of allowing this cycle to continue, it can be really helpful to acknowledge each negative thought or memory that enters your mind. Accept that it is there and try to understand why you are thinking about this thing in the present moment. Talk to this thought and let it know that you hear it, but that you are ready to move on, and that you aren’t going to give any more power to it.

You may find that you have to do this multiple times in order to genuinely find a resolution for each separate experience — but small steps are still steps!

Reset Your Mind

When your brain is overwhelmed with all kinds of different thoughts and feelings then it can be easy to feel as though positivity simply isn’t in reach.

Encouraging the whirlwind of thoughts to leave your mind can be tricky, but you can breathe deeply through this process and invite calm in instead. Positive affirmations can be a fantastic way to help establish this sense of peace and the following are great ones to choose from!

  1. My body is still and my mind is slowing down
  2. Calmness washes over with me with every deep breath I take
  3. I am releasing all negative emotions from my system
  4. My muscles are relaxed, my thoughts are calm
  5. My feelings are under my control
  6. I deserve peace, and love, and happiness
  7. I have the strength to deal with any situation
  8. Stress and anxiety leave my body with every breath

Pick one or more of these affirmations to use at a time and repeat them to yourself while focusing your attention on your breathing. As you say your affirmation over and over — either out loud or to yourself — your mind will absorb and hold onto the positivity that it creates.

Boost Your Self-Esteem

Nurturing your self-esteem is an essential component for a positive mindset.

living authentically happiness whole self

When you feel good about yourself, and your confidence is thriving, then you will hold onto the positive thoughts with greater ease. You will also give less time, attention, and energy to the negative thoughts that do enter your mind.

Take the time each and every day to tell yourself that you are a wonderful and unique person, who has so much to offer this world. Remind yourself of your accomplishments and think back to some of your best memories and favorite moments in life.

Allow yourself to feel the love and kindness from those around you, and also to feel this love from yourself!

Check out my past advice on How To Rebuild Your Confidence!

Start Well

Starting each day in a chaotic and stressful way can mean that the rest of the day follows suit. Rushing around in the morning to get ready can drain your energy before you have even started!

If you are already feeling low on motivation before you have even left the house, then of course you are going to find it harder to hold onto positivity that day.

With a little preparation you can work to make your mornings a calm and quiet time, and then step out into the world ready for all eventualities!

There are likely several small things you can do each evening to make the following morning flow better. For example, doing some meal prep, packing your bag or your car, organising anything you may need for the following day and making any necessary arrangements.

morning preparation

Waking up feeling totally ready for the day ahead means there’s much less chance of your mind going to a negative place. This makes positive thinking much easier to embrace and hold onto!

Embracing Positive Thinking

Embracing positive thinking can be a complicated thing to get started with — especially if you feel as though you have a lot of negativity to contend with. However, taking small steps towards doing so can be great for your happiness as well as your overall sense of balance in life.

When you begin to feel this way, then you will notice that you naturally become much better at keeping stress and anxiety at bay, and living a life with a stronger appreciation for the good things.

In order to help you build upon this concept I would like to share with you my top ten tried and tested tips for keeping stress and anxiety away!

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How to Turn Curiosity into Passion

If you visit my blog regularly then you may have noticed that I am keen to help people follow their dreams and passions.

Sometimes we can all use a little nudge towards the ambitions that we have, but what about those of us who do not know what our dreams are yet? If this sounds like you, and you haven’t yet figured out what you are passionate about, then being told to follow your passions can be frustrating.

It seems as though some people are born knowing what they want to do with their lives. They have job goals from a young age or talents that come naturally to them which guide their path.

For those of us who this is not applicable to, all of the advice about following your passion can seem pointless. However, not yet knowing what you want out of life, or what it will take to make you happy, does not mean that you never will! The process of self discovery is an exciting journey that has no set pace.

So, if you do not yet know what your passion or passions are in life, how can you set about figuring it all out?

What Are you Interested In?

First of all, try to contemplate all of the things that you are interested in or curious about. These do not have to be huge things and actually might seem quite insignificant to you. They may be things that you encounter every day or they may be things that you have only ever thought about. Once you are certain of these things, you can set about exploring them further.

Perhaps you have always been enchanted by some far away exotic destination and this could inspire a passion for travel. Perhaps your curiosities are more ingrained within you, such as a desire to create something.

Take the Time to Learn

Taking the time to learn more about the things that you have a curiosity for can quickly become a very fulfilling activity.

Some people negate this act as they don’t see that it is immediately beneficial to their lives, or consider it a waste of time. But these small acts of curiosity can quickly lead to larger acts of adventure and self-discovery.

Allowing yourself the time to indulge in the things that fascinate and intrigue you is a great way to take a break from the parts of your life that feel like obligations.

Trust the Process

In time you may feel that certain things that you were curious about no longer interest you – and that’s okay! This simply means this thing wasn’t your passion in life and there was no harm in letting yourself explore it.

If you continue to approach everything in this way, and never tell yourself no when you want to discover something new, then you will surely be on track to filling your life with passion and happiness.

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