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Are You Ready For Advanced Yoga Teacher Training?

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My Advanced 50-Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Ambra Vallo took place at Mapperton last week. This was such an incredible training to be a part of and I can’t wait for the next one!

During this training it was exciting to hear the reasons why each person had committed to taking this next step, and this inspired me to write more about it today!

Upon completion of your 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training you are ready to embark on your journey into the yoga world. However, there is so much to be gained from continuing with your professional development as you do so.

An additional 50-Hour Advanced Training is an amazing way to truly get to grips with the rich history of yoga, and to gain a greater understanding of this spiritual practice.

Today I want to talk about making the decision to do the Advanced Training, and share some of the fantastic ways in which you can benefit when you do take this step!

Appreciate The History Of Yoga

As a yoga teacher in the western world, your job is primarily to guide your students through the physical practice of yoga. You will teach them how to master the poses and then to progress each one. You may not have much time or desire to teach your students about the history and philosophy of yoga, but there is so much to be gained from having this knowledge yourself.

Whole Self Yoga Teacher Training

When you have a genuine understanding of this ancient practice, then you can apply this to your life as a whole. You can live and breathe yoga in a much more authentic way, and be better able to impart your wisdom to your own students.

Give More To Your Students

Your students come to learn from you because they trust in your ability as a teacher and your desire to see them progress. They give you their time with each lesson and you give them the very best class that you can.

By taking your yoga skillset to the next level, you are then able to give your students a more in-depth and valuable experience. This is something that will be evident in the way that you teach and the passion with which you present each class.

Build Your Confidence

Once you have completed an Advanced Teacher Training then you will have much more confidence in your own abilities and understanding of the practice. You will doubt yourself less and you will trust yourself more.

Your students will be able to see this confidence shining from you, and in turn they will place greater trust in you as a teacher.

Yoga Mentor Teacher Julie Montagu

To put it simply, the more you learn, the better you will be able to teach!

Find Your Calling

Finding your calling within the yoga world is something that may take you a while to figure out. Becoming a yoga teacher doesn’t mean that you are instantly going to feel ready to teach, and you may need to take some additional time to figure your own journey out.

There are many different niches within the yoga world that you can focus on and specialise in. Finding your niche will help you to stand out as a yoga teacher and to truly work towards doing the work that you want to do.

If after your initial teacher training you didn’t become aware of what your niche is, then this is totally normal. Giving yourself the extra time to reflect and learn by doing an Advanced Training is a wonderful way to get closer to this realisation.

Your niche could be in any area — perhaps you want to teach to children, or work with pregnant people. Your passions as a yoga teacher will likely be connected to your other passions in life, but allow yourself the opportunity to understand your direction at your own pace.

Stand Out At The Studio

With more and more teachers qualifying to teach yoga, competition for jobs and for students can be fierce. Having completed an Additional Teacher Training will help you to stand out from the others.

Sell Out Your Yoga Classes Julie Montagu

An extra qualification demonstrates to the studio who may be hiring you that you are willing to put the work in. This also shows that you are dedicated to developing your knowledge.

Check out my past advice on How To Stand Out As A Yoga Teacher!

Be A Student Forever

I say this often, but it’s so true — the best yoga teachers are those who never stop learning!

You may remember that when you graduated from teacher training you were bursting with enthusiasm and motivation! You will have carried this excitement into your first classes, and this energy is something your students surely will have noticed.

When you continue to learn new things, and continue to be inspired by this knowledge, then you will always be reigniting your love for yoga. You will have a consistently fresh attitude and approach — and this will do wonders for your teaching!

Set Yourself Up For Success

If you left your 200 Hour Training feeling not quite ready to take on the yoga world then you are not alone. This can be such a scary step to take and it’s natural to want to be as prepared as possible.

An Advanced Teacher Training will not only equip you with the tools to feel more prepared, but will also give you a greater sense of how to build your yoga business.

You will be gain a more in-depth understanding of how to establish yourself well in the yoga community, and how to reach the career goals you have in mind.

Making The Decision

If you feel that the 200-Hour Training was enough for you to kick-start your yoga career then that’s fantastic! It is totally possible to be a successful yoga teacher without doing the Advanced Training — but for those who want to take their training further then this is a fantastic choice to make.

If you do decide not to do the Advanced Training, then continuing to be a student in other ways is a good decision to make. Go to workshops, read books, and seek the advice and guidance of your mentor and teachers.

Not Just For Teachers

Many people undergo teacher training simply to deepen their own knowledge and expand their skills. This can be an incredible way to dedicate a meaningful amount of time to your own practice.

If you don’t want to be a yoga teacher, but you do want to take your practice to the next level, then know that an Advanced Training is for you!

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