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Finding Joy In Small Moments

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The desire to be happy is something that we all undeniably have in common — even if the things that make each of us happy are wildly different.

In the quest for happiness it can be easy to overlook the small and simple pleasures that are to be found in each day. This is often because we are thinking about the seemingly more substantial things that we wish to experience and enjoy, such as a new relationship, a better job, or an exciting holiday.

Although it is natural to seek the things that we believe will make us happy, the truth is that this can actually be of detriment to our happiness. It can leave us always searching for the next thing and not appreciating that which we have in the present moment.

Today I want to share some seriously simple things that we can all do every day in order to invite some joy into our lives. You don’t have to do each of these things every day, but if you feel able to then certainly go ahead!

Talk To Strangers

If you are someone who tends to avoid interacting with strangers then you are definitely not alone. It can often seem easier and less awkward to shy away from these types of interactions, but embracing them can actually be a really positive thing!

Striking up a conversation with a stranger can be a great way to have a new experience every day, and to possibly build meaningful connections with people you may never otherwise interact with.

Give compliments, be curious, and be open to conversations other people start with you. You never know where this may lead and it can truly boost your mood to have a positive encounter with someone new.

Connect With A Friend

When life gets busy then our relationships can be the first to take a hit. We tend to prioritise work and similar responsibilities first, and our friendships can be affected by this.

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Taking a moment to reach out to a friend — with a phone call, an online message, or even a letter or a gift — can help to remind you of what this friendship means to you.

As an added bonus, you are also likely to brighten your friend’s day by reaching out to them!

Get Some Exercise

Even if you only have 15 minutes spare to do some exercise each day, then this 15 minutes can still go a long way to bringing you some joy!

When we exercise for long periods — such as upwards of an hour — then our bodies produce beneficial amounts of endorphins. These endorphins can boost our moods and lead to stronger feelings of self-esteem and confidence. However, that doesn’t mean that exercising for shorter periods of time won’t lift your spirits also.

Research suggests that engaging in intense cardio exercise for 15 minutes several times a week can raise your endorphins in a more subtle, but still effective, way. You can go for a quick run, grab a skipping rope, or even just do some star jumps on the spot.

Another easy way to enjoy some endorphins is to cycle everywhere so that you are getting frequent bursts of exercise throughout the day!

Disconnect From Digital

It’s undeniable that there are countless benefits to the level of technology that we use today, but this also undeniably something that causes us stress!

We collectively waste so much time scrolling through news feeds and checking up on what everyone else is up to — and for what reason? Do these things ever really bring you joy?

digital device detox

Take some time away from your digital devices every day and find pleasure in the peace and calm that you can surround yourself with instead. Try to do this deliberately for a serious chunk of time at least once a day, such as for 30 minutes or more. Leaving your phone at home while you go out for a walk in nature is a great way to do this and also doubles up as getting some exercise!

This is also a good way to encourage yourself to connect more with the real people in your life!

Create Space

If you are holding onto negativity then it can be all the more difficult to find the joy in small moments. By extending forgiveness and letting go off the things that cause us unhappiness, we can create more space within our minds to invite positivity in.

Maintaining a positive mindset might not seem like something that you always feel able to do, but you must remember that you have the power over your thoughts and your mind. Tell yourself good and positive things often, and don’t allow negative thoughts to linger long in your mind.

Write About Your Day

Writing about your day at the end of the evening is a good way to re-live all that has happened. This can help you to feel more positive about the day as a whole, and also to realise that several small positive things may have taken place.

You might find that you write about something that happened and have an entirely different perspective on it than you did at the time. Also, you may develop a deeper appreciation for the small things that made you feel good, especially if you didn’t have the time to focus on them when they were actually happening.

Laugh Often

Laughing often is one of the very best ways to keep your mood up. Laughter is such a natural pleasure and isn’t something that you will have to work hard to find joy in.

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Make time to do the things you enjoy and to spend time with the people who make you laugh and feel good about yourself.

Similarly, smiling can also lift your mood in the same way, so indulge yourself often in this simple pleasure.

Stress & Anxiety

Finding the joy in the small moments is so great for your happiness as well as your overall sense of balance in life. When you begin to feel this way, then you will notice that you naturally become much better at keeping stress and anxiety at bay.

In order to help you build upon this concept I would like to share with you my top ten tried and tested tips for keeping stress and anxiety away!

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