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Eat Well, Live Well

Eat Well Live Well Mapperton

You may have already seen that this year at Mapperton House and Gardens we will be hosting our first ever lifestyle fair – Eat Well, Live Well!

This is going to be a one day celebration of some of the best local food, drink and wellness that Dorset has to offer!

Eat Well, Live Well is going to be a full day of fun for the entire family. It is set to be a great opportunity to take time out from your busy life and to discover how nourishing your mind, body and spirit can do wonders for your health and happiness.

Head to the Mapperton website now to book your tickets!

A Day of Wellness

Eat Well, Live Well will bring together over 40 local stallholders from across Dorset to celebrate good food, good living, and good health. Throughout the day you will have ample opportunities to learn, discover, experience and taste!

A Day of Wellness

There will be live demonstrations to either participate in or watch, including a yoga class with me, an inspiring talk on optimum nutrition for children, an exploration of the health boosting benefits of essential oils, a talk on the power of tea and more!

You will also have the opportunity to relax in a sound bath, practice mindfulness and browse some fantastic local produce stalls. You can taste new foods, discover Dorset businesses that you may not have come across before, and also take some tasty goodies away with you to enjoy at home.

Mapperton House and Gardens

We are very excited to host our very first food and well-being event here at our Mapperton home. We hope to welcome returning guests from previous events and ceremonies, as well as new faces!

Mapperton is made up of a glorious sandstone manor house and romantic valley garden. It can be found among the tumbling hills and beautifully unspoiled countryside of Dorset. Fifteen acres of gardens descend from the croquet lawn, through the formal topiary down to the wild garden – all waiting to be explored and enjoyed!

What better setting to discover some of the delectable wonders of Dorset itself!

Mapperton House Gardens2

We are sure this is going to be a fantastic day for all involved, and we very much hope to make Eat Well, Live Well an annual occurrence.

So, let me tell you more about what’s going to be going on during this day!

Schedule for the Day

There are so many wonderful things happening – see the schedule below!

  • 10:30am: Vinyasa Flow Yoga with me
  • 11am: Mindfulness with Vikki Staff
  • 12pm: The Good Stuff with Lucinda Miller
  • 1pm: The Secret of Tea with Comins Tea
  • 2pm: Essential Oils, Essential Health with doTERRA
  • 3pm: Blissworks Soundbath with Ella Poyner
  • 4pm: Closing Meditation with me

Head to the Mapperton website now to book your tickets!

Vinyasa Flow

My 30 minute Vinyasa Flow session is intended to be suitable for all ability levels, so I invite and encourage you all to attend.

If you haven’t tried yoga before then this is a gentle way to give it a go with your friends and family. We will flow slowly through some basic poses to welcome in the event. You will then be feeling energised, refreshed, and relaxed as you get ready to enjoy the day ahead.

First Year as a Yoga Teacher Julie Monatgu

Mindfulness with Vikki Staff

Mindfulness is still a relatively unknown concept to many people. But the exciting truth is that we can all stand to benefit so much from embracing it each day.

When you live your life in a mindful way then you make a conscious effort to be present in the moment. You learn how to expel negativity from the mind, and to enjoy all that you are experiencing as it is happening.

This can help you to live a calmer life, and one with greater intentions and positivity.

Vikki Staff will be explaining this concept in greater detail and equipping you with some simple techniques for inviting mindfulness into your lives!

The Good Stuff with Lucinda Miller

Raising children can of course be a challenge for a wide range of different reasons. Top naturopath and child nutrition expert Lucinda Miller believes that this has become even more complex in the modern day. She suggests that this is largely due to increased anxiety levels, behavioural problems, and decreased immunities.

Recent medical research points to the fact that when you nourish bodies, minds and souls with healthy food, you are building the health and resilience which everyone needs to stay happy, focused and well – even when life sends its inevitable challenges.

Since a child’s brain and body development continues until they are well into their twenties, what they eat now lays down the foundations of their future health.

Lucinda Miller - The Good Stuff

During this talk, Lucinda will be sharing her top secrets from her book ‘The Good Stuff’ on how to nurture healthy eating habits. She will discuss the latest research on the gut-brain connection, the importance of the right fats, why at least ‘5 a day’ is crucial, as well as the latest scoop on sugar and processed foods.

The Secret of Tea with Comins Tea

When it comes to the health-boosting properties of tea, there is simply so much to talk about!

This is an exciting topic that Comins Tea will be guiding us through, with the opportunity to also ask questions and share your thoughts.

Rob and Michelle, the founders of Comins Tea, have been travelling the world since 2007 meeting and building relationships with dedicated growers! Their combined knowledge and experience is what makes their brand so fantastic and delicious!

Essential Oils with doTERRA

During the afternoon at Eat Well, Live Well you can learn all about the power of essential oils with Cat Warner from doTERRA.

Essential oils can soothe, calm, invigorate, energise, and much more! Many of these scents can be extremely grounding, which is exactly what we need to overcome the anxiety and stresses we encounter in our day to day lives.

Cat will be walking us through the traditional uses of these amazing oils, and sharing her wisdom on how best to utilise them to bring balance into your life!


Blissworks Soundbath with Ella Poyner

A soundbath is a powerful way to heal the mind with deep relaxation techniques. Ella Poyner will be on hand to guide you through the soundbath, which is always truly a magical experience.

Closing Meditation

I will be bringing the day to a close with a peaceful meditation that everyone is welcome to come along to. If you are new to meditation, or have tried it in the past and have reservations about it, then I invite you to put any trepidations to the side, and to take a chance at trying something amazing and restorative!

Eat Well, Live Well

Tickets for this event are £6 per person when purchased on the door on the day. You may also purchase tickets for £5 per person online up to 24 hours in advance of the event on the Mapperton website. Everyone aged under 16 can attend for free.

Your ticket will also include free entry to the gardens of Mapperton, which you are welcome to explore at any point throughout the day!

Head to the Mapperton website now to book your tickets!

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