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How to Prepare for Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training Julie Montagu

In the days leading up to your yoga teacher training course you are inevitably going to be feeling a variety of emotions!

A yoga teacher training course can be intense in both a professional and personal capacity. You are going to learn new things, meet new people, put your abilities to the test, and forge ongoing bonds with like-minded yogis.

It is fantastic if you are feeling excited and emotionally ready to take on this task and change your life, but you may also have some hesitations and fears too. Having worries and concerns of this kind is completely normal with anything new you are embarking upon in life. It is important to remember that you shouldn’t let these feelings deter you from pursuing your dreams!

Anxiety is a common experience in the build up to any new venture, and is something that can often hold you back from moving forwards towards your goals. As we already surely know, anxiety is an irrational fear. It serves to protect us from perceived dangers, but you can prevent it from taking hold!

Feeling as though you are totally ready and prepared for your yoga teacher training course can encourage the positive feelings to overcome any negativity.

Today I want to share my top tips for how you can best prepare for your yoga teacher training course. By following my simple advice you can take some of the stress and anxiety away and concentrate on getting the most out of your time on the course.

If you are not yet sure if yoga teacher training is the best choice for you in this moment, then check out my past article on how to help yourself with this decision!

Get All The Info

You will likely have soaked up a lot of information about your course before deciding that this is the one for you. However, going the extra mile to get even more information can put your mind at rest about a lot of things.

Teacher Training Yoga Julie Montagu

It can be a good idea to find out who all of the teachers on your course are going to be, and then seek out some information about all of them. Visit their websites, check out their social media profiles, and even reach out to them with an introductory message! This way you’re not meeting for the first time in the classroom, and this can make your first day seem much less daunting.

There is going to be a lot of literature and resources for you to read during the course. Finding out what’s on this list and getting a head-start can help you to avoid feeling as though you are going to fall behind.

It is also worth getting some information beforehand about the physical location of your course. Are there shops and cafes nearby? What are the transport links? Can you park there? How long will it take you to travel there each day?

Seeking the answers to all of these simple questions can ease any stress!

Get Ready to Practice

If you are someone who only practices yoga once or twice a week then you may find that your body is not yet prepared for the intensity of a yoga teacher training course.

In the build up to your first day, it can be a good idea to start increasing your practice by making time to do yoga each and every day. This will help to prepare your body for developing your physical capabilities throughout the duration of the course.

yoga teacher training courseMake sure you ease into any additional practice time gently so that you don’t over-do it. It is also important that you are in a peaceful and relaxed state of mind when you embark upon your course, and being physically exhausted is not conducive to this!

Avoid Test Stress

Unless you have recently studied as an adult, then the concept of taking tests and examinations may initially seem overwhelming. This is something that will inevitably be a part of your teacher training course but isn’t something that should be considered to be stressful at all!

Within the context of your yoga teacher training, the tests are simply the assessments of your progress. They are not designed to catch you out or keep you back, but rather to help you to give yourself goals to aspire to and tangible targets to work towards.

It is worthwhile preparing yourself for the tests that lie ahead, but also reminding yourself that these tests exist to lift you up, not to stress you out!

If you feel like you might struggle with the testing process then it is always worth mentioning this to your course leader and seeing if any additional help and support is available. It is not uncommon that students will be assigned a mentor to guide them through any difficult moments during the course. So see what help is available to you and don’t be afraid to ask for it!

Get Inspired

Following on from your yoga teacher training course, as you are building a yoga business, there are going to be so many things to consider and many different new things to learn. I have put together a downloadable PDF of 5 weekly habits that I urge you to embrace as you build your business!

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  1. I like how you mentioned that on a personal and professional capacity, yoga training courses can be intense. My sister is thinking of looking for yoga teacher training classes because she’s considering becoming an instructor at a local gym of hers since she loves everything about fitness. I think it’s a good idea for my sister to consider all of her options when looking for a reputable class on how to best teach clients how to best hold stretches for long periods of time.

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