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Teaching Tips for Top Yoga Teachers

Teaching Tips Top Yoga Teachers Whole Self

There is much more to being a yoga teacher than simply guiding your students through the poses! In order to become the very best yoga teacher that you can be, there are some very simple things that you can give your attention to.

Today I want to talk about these things, and to encourage you to embrace them as you build your yoga business.

Anyone who teaches, in absolutely any field, must take on the responsibility for the personal growth, ongoing progression, and learning satisfaction of all of their students. When it comes to being a yoga teacher, in addition to helping your students to develop their physical practice, you must also guide them spiritually through the wisdom of yoga.

You are undoubtedly going to learn so much about being your best self as a yoga teacher during your teacher training course. And you must remind yourself of these teachings regularly as you guide your own students.

It is so helpful to remember that yoga is a lifestyle, and not just something that you practice for an hour or so a couple of times a week! In order to fully embrace this concept it is helpful for your students to really be able to look to you as the teacher and to see how you are living your life. So strive to be the yoga teacher that you wish you had, and you will soon be on your way to being this source of inspiration for your students!

Demonstrate and Deliver

Giving simple, clear, and concise instructions to your class is always going to be the very best way to deliver a great session. If you overcomplicate things then you may find that some of your students lose track of what you are saying, and eventually lose interest in the class itself.

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Giving a demonstration of everything that you expect of your students will enable them to visualise themselves doing the movement. This is also a good way to show them how they can move deeper into each pose, should they feel able to do so!

Remember, it is not just the asanas that you should demonstrate. Anything that happens in your class, such as meditation and breathing techniques, should also be presented alongside an explanation and demonstration.

Maintain Balance

Maintaining a sense of balance in your life will go a long way to helping you stay focused as a yoga teacher. Life sometimes throws curveballs at us all, and that is simply unavoidable. The key is to be in control of your mood and to always allow yourself time to process your emotions. In doing so you can ensure that you are never thrown too far off course by anything unexpected.

Your lessons are a time to share your knowledge, your experience, and your peace with all of your students. It is a time to impart your wisdom and ensure that your students feel supported, seen and heard. When you are able to live a balanced life, then your students will be able to feel confident that you are going to be consistent in your mood and in your teachings.

Emphasise Conscious Awareness

Being able to teach your students to be conscious and present in all that they do is something that will set you apart from other yoga teachers.

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The way you approach breathing within your classes will go a long way to helping you conquer this. Breathing is the very essence of yoga and engaging with the breath as you move through the asanas helps to really build the connection between body and mind.

By emphasising the importance of the breath to your students, and always bringing their focus back to this aspect of their practice, then you will be ensuring that they are building upon this foundation.

Encouraging your students to engage with yogic breathing techniques when they are away from the mat will further aid them with embracing their own awareness, both physical and spiritual.

Respond and React

One of the most natural ways that you will evolve and grow as a yoga teacher is through the everyday interactions that you have with your students. When you leave Yoga Teacher Training you may feel as though you are ready for any and all eventualities and scenarios, but the simple truth is that so much of your learning is actually going to come on the job!

You will sometimes find that you have a student in your class who presents a new challenge for you. This should always be seen as an opportunity to grow and learn. These challenges serve to help you develop as a teacher, and not to throw you off your game in any way!

You may feel as though you can learn from each situation and grow as a teacher accordingly, but you may also find it helpful to seek the advice of a mentor, or to take further relevant training.

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Julie Montagu

For example, you may not know the best way to tailor your classes for a pregnant person, and finding a workshop that will guide you on this topic is a great idea. You can also seek the advice of more experienced teachers in an informal way by simply asking questions.

Enhancing your knowledge, both of yoga itself and your ability as a teacher, by undergoing further training is a fantastic idea. This is something that I suggest we as yoga teachers should do often.

Engage and Communicate

Being approachable and friendly in all that you do will be key to your success as a yoga teacher. If your class doesn’t feel as though they can relate to you and share their yoga difficulties with you, then they are not going to continue trusting you with their progression.

Making sure that you engage with all of your students, and that you make them feel welcome and safe, is essential to creating a supportive atmosphere within your classes.

When you speak to your class as a whole, or with individual students, you should speak in such a way that shows you are always open to hearing all that they have to say. Be clear and be concise, but also be light and fun. Impart your knowledge but also be sure to show that you are equally open to learning from your students and growing together.

Becoming a Top Yoga Teacher

The final piece of advice I can give you on your journey to becoming the best yoga teacher you can be is a piece of advice I share frequently! And that is to always commit fully to your own yoga practice!

I’m sure if you read my blog often then you’re tired of hearing me say this by now! But it is simply one of the greatest ways that you can stay motivated, stay inspired, and always continue learning!

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By making the promise to yourself to always be a student of yoga, then you will also always continue developing as a teacher. And this dedication is what will help to set you apart from the rest!

Get Inspired

Following on from your yoga teacher training course, as you are building a yoga business, there are going to be so many things to consider and many different new things to learn. I have put together a downloadable PDF of 5 weekly habits that I urge you to embrace as you build your business!

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