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Is Yoga Teacher Training The Best Step For You?

Whole Self Yoga Julie Montagu

One of my favourite things about yoga is how the evolution of the practice is unique and individual to every person that engages with it!

Yoga can mean many different things to different people. Your primary reason for practicing yoga could be connected to your physical health – strength, flexibility, ease of movement, or perhaps your choice to do yoga is more concerned with your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. You may be seeking relaxation, some time to unwind, and some peace within your own mind.

The reason that you embarked upon your yoga journey in the first instance may not be the same reason that you still practice today. It is likely that you took to the mat for one or two reasons, and soon found that doing so enhanced your life in a number of incredible ways.

If you have now reached the point in your yoga practice where you feel that undergoing teacher training is the next step, then that’s a very exciting point to be at!

Today I’m going to talk about some of the signs that yoga teacher training is now the next logical step for you. I  also want to take this opportunity to help to unpack some common worries that students often have about making this life-changing decision!

Developing as a Yoga Student

If you think that you absolutely have to become a yoga teacher after undergoing the training, then I am here to tell you this is not true at all!

Whole Self Yoga Teacher Training

The concepts, skills, ideas, and knowledge that you will soak up during yoga teacher training are as much to progress your journey as a student of yoga as they are to help you embark upon a teaching career. For many people, undergoing teacher training is the most in-depth way that they can commit further to their practice and to continue learning in a meaningful way.

This is especially the case if you have been doing yoga for a while and are increasingly feeling as though you want to move beyond the physical aspects of it.

The yoga classes that you attend will normally be more focused on the physical poses combined with some time spent in meditation. You may attend workshops to address and understand the philosophy and history of yoga, but this may not be something you are able to do consistently.

During your teacher training you will have the time and the resources to learn about yoga on a deeper level, and to truly develop as a student.

Connecting to Yourself

As you continue with your yoga practice, you will inevitably begin to build a greater connection between your mind and your body; between your physical self and your spiritual self.

This can be an incredibly humbling process and one that you will likely wish to explore and pursue further.

Yoga Teacher Traning Julie Montagu

Yoga Teacher Training provides you with a safe and supportive environment to continue this journey. You will have the guidance of several experienced yogis who are all present because they want to share their knowledge with you.

If you often notice that you are talking to your friends and family about how yoga has changed the way you view yourself, and the way that you move through the world, then it is likely that you are ready to take the next step!

You may be someone who is already keen to share the lessons that you have learnt in your yoga classes to your friends and family – or to anyone who will listen! This is a sure-fire sign that you are keen to spread the message of yoga and take your practice to the next level.

Connecting with Others

One of the most fulfilling things about yoga is the community that you suddenly belong to and the new connections you will make with like-minded people.

Once you begin to see for yourself how the physical and mental benefits can enhance your life, then you will also feel an affinity to others who have also walked this path.

Not only is this great in terms of how you feel supported and encouraged with your new venture, but these people can also help to inspire and motivate you to take your practice further.

Building Connections Yoga Julie Montagu

When you begin to discover this community, it is normal that you will want to continue meeting the kind of people who are going to strive to build you up. This is something that will certainly happen during your teacher training!

Believe in Yourself

If you feel as though all the aforementioned points are further fuelling your thoughts about embarking upon yoga teacher training then that’s great! Although you may be feeling good about taking this new step, there could still be some things that are holding you back.

You might feel as though you are not good enough yet, or that your ability on the mat isn’t going to match up to the others on the course. This is a common worry but absolutely isn’t something that should deter you from making this decision.

You are naturally going to develop within your teacher training course, and you will be able to dive deeper into the things that you are unsure of or are lacking confidence in. You will also have the space and time to ask any questions, and to receive helpful feedback on both your knowledge and your practical understanding of the poses.

Making a Decision

If you still aren’t 100% sure that a teacher training course is the next logical step for you in your life right now, then spend some more time on the mat contemplating your thoughts and feelings about it. Seek the advice of your current teachers and of the other students in your classes.

I would always suggest that you are totally ready to commit to a course instead of half-heartedly enrolling and then perhaps coming to regret your decision later. In order to get the very best out of your training, you will truly need to know for sure that you want to be there!

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

If you are signing up to a teacher training course with the solid intention to become a yoga teacher afterwards, then advanced yoga teacher training may also be something that you wish to consider.

Advanced Teacher Training Whole Self

Holding an additional certification can help you to stand out when you are approaching studios for teaching positions, and can also ensure that you are giving your students the very best experience.

The 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is a fantastic foundation and will certainly qualify and equip you to teach your own students, but continuing your professional development throughout your life is advisable for all yoga teachers.

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