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Self-Care Sunday – Rebuilding Self-Esteem

Self Care Sunday - Rebuilding Self-Esteem by Julie Montagu

I can’t believe we are in week four of my Self-Care Sunday series already! If you haven’t caught my videos from the previous weeks yet then you can check them out below:

The latest topic in my Self-Care Sunday series is all about Rebuilding Self-Esteem and Becoming More Optimistic.

This can be a difficult topic for many people – myself included. It is often something that we try not to think about because it can be a scary thing to explore – but it is super important to do so if you want to live your happiest life as your best self!

Toxic Relationships

When I took the time to figure out what was causing the most harm to my self-esteem, I discovered that my toxic relationships were at the top of the list!

Although identifying this as a leading reason for your low self-esteem might not be a difficult process, actually working to resolve the negativity in these relationships – or walking away from them entirely – is not always so simple.

The chances are that if you have been dealing with toxic relationships for a long time that you are also probably not used to putting yourself first. However, this is something that you absolutely have to do if you are to rebuild your self-esteem and become more optimistic.

Resolving Negativity

Attempting to resolve negativity in your toxic relationships can sometimes be achieved through open and honest communication. Express your unhappiness to the person in question, let them know how their behaviour makes you feel, and express what your boundaries and needs are. If this person can’t understand or respect what you are asking of them, then it might be time to walk away from this relationship.

In the following video I talk more on the topic of Rebuilding Your Self-Esteem! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel whilst you’re there so you can be automatically alerted about future videos in my Self-Care Sunday series!

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