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The Importance Of Slowing Down

Over the last few months as the pandemic has unfolded, the majority of us were forced to slow down as our usual routines were disrupted. Although slowing down is usually a good opportunity for reflection and growth, this may not have been possible due to the wild circumstances!

We are often told that in order to be considered successful, we must always be moving forwards towards our goals, and we should always be being productive in some way. It can often feel as though life is flying by because of this, and this can leave you feeling as though you don’t have the time to take pleasure in the simple things.

This idea that being busy equals being successful is a prominent one, and this is an attitude that can be difficult to overcome.

The Benefits Of Slowing Down

By slowing down, we are able to give time and prominence to our thoughts, and to reconnect with our purpose and our passions. This can help us to achieve a greater sense of clarity about where we are, where we are going, and why we have chosen this path.

It can be so easy to give your full attention to creating the life you want for yourself without ever stopping to actually enjoy this life!

When you live in this way — always pushing ahead to the next goal and the next accomplishment — then you may not be taking the time to honour your achievements. If you don’t congratulate yourself for the milestones that you reach, then your successes can begin to feel anti-climatic. By this I mean, you feel as though you will be excited to reach a goal, but then actually find that the excitement is just not there anymore.

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When you start to slow down, and give yourself permission to take time to yourself, then you can find greater joy in these moments when they do arrive.

How To Start

If the idea of taking a break from your hectic schedule sounds impossible, then this is surely a sign that this is all the more important for you to embrace!

If you are at a point in your life now where you know you need to make a change, but aren’t sure where to begin, then the following advice is for you.

First and foremost, being organised and having a routine are two simple but powerful ways to regain control of your time.

When you know how you are going to spend each day, then you can ensure that you allocate time for things like self-care and relaxation. That’s not to mention other fun activities, such as seeing your friends and getting along to your favourite yoga class.

Scheduling your days doesn’t have to be a rigid process with minute by minute planning. It can be as simple as having a rough outline of your day, and a note of the various tasks that you need to complete.

When you organise your days — and really make an effort to stick to this schedule — then you will likely find that you do not procrastinate  as much `or deviate from your intentions.

It can be incredibly helpful if you consciously do not overload yourself each day. Only take on as much as you know you can reasonably handle, and get into the habit of saying no to the other stuff!

Taking on too much is a fast-track way to exhaustion and mental fatigue — both of which can seriously affect all areas of your life.

Check In With Yourself

Allocating at least one hour a week during which you can be alone with your thoughts and reflect on recent events can be so beneficial.

You can use this time to take yourself on a peaceful walk, or to sit and enjoy a coffee as you watch the world go by. Journalling on your thoughts can be a great use of this time, and can encourage ideas to develop and feelings to be better understood.

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When you are checking in with yourself, try to think back to what has motivated you this far, and what it is that will inspire you to move forwards. Think about what you truly want to enjoy in the future; is it really that big salary, or is it actually the freedom to spend more time with your loved ones.

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Embrace Your Emotions

It can be easy to feel as though certain emotions are negative, and therefore not okay. When we are powering ahead to be productive and successful, we can feel as though these negative emotions hold us back and hinder our progress.

The reality is that these emotions — and all of our emotions — serve to balance us. We can’t be happy and focused all of the time, and we must allow ourselves to experience the frustrations, angers, and difficulties that are an inevitable part of life.

When we do embrace these emotions fully, then we can better understand why we reach these points, and how we can move past them in a healthy way.

When you work towards a slower pace of life, then you are also working towards a way of life that encourages you to better embrace your emotions. This can enable you to make better decisions as you put greater thought into each opportunity that presents.

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