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New Yoga Teacher? Here’s My Toolbox!

New Yoga Teacher? Here's My Toolbox Whole Self Yoga

As I talk about frequently within this blog, being a new yoga teacher can be an incredibly daunting experience. Your time spent in teacher training may have felt like an absolute dream as you soaked up new knowledge and shared a beautiful learning experience. Moving from this phase to now trying to secure teaching gigs and building your reputation may not be the smoothest of transitions, and there’s nothing wrong with needing some help!

As you are getting stuck into the early days of building your yoga business, you may be shocked to discover just how fierce your competition is.

If you do a quick Google search of yoga classes in your area then you will be able to get an idea of just how many other local teachers there are.

If you don’t yet have a great deal of teaching experience under your belt then it can be easy to doubt yourself and your ability to guide a class of students. It can be hard to believe that somebody may want to come to your class instead of learning from someone who has been in the industry for much longer with much more extensive experience. However, there are multiple reasons why this can and will happen.

There are of course going to be reasons why you stand out from the crowd – the key is to figure out what these things are and then make sure everyone knows about them.

Once somebody has taken a chance on you and has come along to your class, then you will be able to show them all of the amazing reasons why they should continue to come. But of course, getting these bodies through the door and onto the mat in the first instance can be challenging!

If you are a new yoga teacher and struggling to find your footing, then today I want to give you the tools from my toolbox to help you on your way!

Understand Your Value

Although the majority of yoga teachers will go through similar teaching training courses, only YOU will have the unique combination of your own experiences. By this I mean, all of the training that you have undertaken, all of your connected passions, and all of your work experience to date will come together to give you a unique perspective and teaching style.

Tips for New Yoga Teachers Julie Montagu

Understanding the value of your own experience will help to build your confidence and put more faith in your own abilities.

Hold Onto Your Authenticity

Some yoga teachers make the mistake of marketing themselves in exactly the same way as everyone else – believing that if it seems to be working for someone else that it could certainly work for them. But do you really want to fit into a pre-existing mould instead of breaking away from the norm and building something that is authentic to you?

That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with doing things in the traditional sense. Many yoga teachers lead happy and rewarding careers by sticking to what is safe and already well-known. However, if this isn’t the kind of yoga teacher that you want to be, then you have to take a leap into the unknown and carve out a new path for yourself based on how you feel it should be done!

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to fit into the cookie cutter of what everyone else thinks a yoga teacher should be. Be who you are and be fearless about it! If a student doesn’t love and accept you for who you are, then this isn’t someone that you want to take up space in your classes anyway.

Share Your Story

There is nothing more unique to you then your story so far and it’s important to tell your story as you are building your brand.

Consider the following questions:

  • What lead you to the realisation that you wanted to be a yoga teacher?
  • Who influenced you on this journey?
  • What was your life like before?
  • What hurdles have you jumped over to reach this point?
  • When did you first discover yoga?

Being relatable is something that will come naturally as you embrace the previous point of holding onto your authenticity. And, it is this relatability that will draw eager students towards you and your classes.

Find Your Tribe

As with most things in life, the start of your journey to becoming a yoga teacher is something that is going to be easier when you do it with a strong support network around you.

When you know what it is that you’re interested in and what you are passionate about, you can can seek out others who share these interests and build your tribe.

These people can be an incredible source of inspiration as you continue to build your business. And, as well as providing you with support, they could also offer you collaboration opportunities.

Be Kind

Kindness is a quality that is great to practice in all aspects of your life. Bringing your kindness into the yoga studio is the perfect way to show that you truly care about your classes and about your students.

Tips for New Yoga Teachers Whole Self

Once you have spent some time getting to know your students then you will begin to understand that this kindness works both ways. You will discover that your students are just as eager to see you succeed as you are to see them learn and grow!

Treat your yoga students as though they are your very best friends and they will likely continue to show up for you. They will trust you with their time, their minds, and their progression as yogi’s.

Be Business Savvy

Working at your favourite studio may be a goal of yours, but stop to ask yourself how well-run this business actually is. How professional is the management, and what kinds of opportunities exist for progression within this studio?

If you don’t feel as though you will truly grow and be treated and have the chance to be the yogi that you want to be, then it may not be the studio for you.

Find a Mentor

You will probably already know who the yoga teachers are that inspire you to be your very best self, but how often do you go along to their classes or attend their workshops?

Although it can be incredibly motivational to aspire to be the high-profile yoga teachers that are well-known on a national and international level, it is also a good idea to find some yoga heroes in your local community. Take their classes and seek inspiration from them – they may even be willing to help you as you build your own business.

Don’t Hesitate

Do you feel as though you are stuck in the awkward place between having qualified as a yoga teacher and actually BEING a yoga teacher?

The longer you hesitate and don’t push ahead with moving through this phase, the harder it is going to be to finally do so! So make a promise to yourself to give it your all as you work towards your dreams and build your yoga business!

My Mandala and Mentoring Course is open to any registered yoga teacher who wants to learn how to build the yoga business that they want!

As well as getting into the business side of things, you’ll also learn my secret to ensuring I keep my classes creative and fresh: Mandala sequencing. Since bringing in Mandala sequencing to one of my classes, it is now consistently sold out!

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